Caution with Idling Stop Feature

  • 25/04/2016


Idling Stop system temporarily disconnect the motor is able to disconnect the engine when the car stops 3 seconds and restarted as soon as the throttle back without having to press the start button. Idling Stop function is equipped on new vehicles by Honda  PCX, Click, Air Blade etc. help save fuel and environment friendly.


Besides the utility Idling Stop also brings the potential hazards caused by Idling Stop feature will shutdown when the vehicle stops 3s, for any reason, that the driver did not notice and accidentally turn the scooter , the car can go faster sudden release caused the accident. To avoid unfortunate accidents, you should note the following cases:

Car accidents and falls Upon the occurrence of a collision, the car went down and rose Idling Stop is activated and shutdown. Building on that car until the driver accidentally twisting the throttle, the car started up again and rushed forward will be very prone to cause more panic and another accident. So to avoid this situation when the car fell, immediately turn off or withdrawn immediately Idling Stop the car keys to the car up to then.

Stopped at a red light, to increase Idling Stop is activated accidentally noticed the driver did not leave the scooter and hyperactive child tamper twist throttle, the car immediately rushed forward and if not dealt with promptly, it will causing serious accidents. So when carrying small children, you should probably turn off the engine to prevent the loss of vehicle control. The absent-minded person should not use the Idling Stop because it was dangerous.

At a red light or waiting for a train to go through too, if you did not notice that the station turn will cause serious consequences. And while talking with a friend off the engine when idling stop feature enabled friend accidentally twisting the throttle while standing in the game. So should not enable this if you have not really looked into it or stop to do something else.


Display green lights word Idling Stop A feature has been activated
To be able to use the Idling Stop, the driver should pay attention and avoid the unfortunate circumstances that may occur as described above by equipping the experience when using Idling Stop and understand its need to know how to adjust properly.



Information Source: Webike Vietnam

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