BMW G650X the future of the cafe racer

  • 31/03/2016

Each bike is born beautiful and original strength with its own capital. But the question arises if it is degraded and the expiry of the cars that will happen, and the answer is to turn them into other cars more powerful and more beautiful … as the BMW G650X below:

With his own philosophy “just beautiful car when it is antique or custom is a special car” – Jens Henkel from the Hyde workshop Designs, South Africa – BMW G650X has turned life into an old machine 2008 originality of the future. He named it the Octavia.

bmw-g650x-ban-do-cafe-racer-cua-tuong-lai-7f (2)

With Jens G650X to customize the selection because he knows that the engine and the layout of the machine is quite the perfect vehicle for upgrading external focus image. Jens share “G650X used powerful 650cc Rotax engine and has a simple framework with pragmatic, easy to customize … so I chose it.”

Overall view of the Octavia, biker can see the effort and success of Jens perfect. He began to build the car by testing directly on the chassis model is cut from cardboard and using Google Sketchup 3D software to create virtual reality modeling for engineering calculations. Creating cardboard model really brings efficiency and cost savings. After completing the pattern with a ratio of 1: 1 has been replaced with steel and fiberglass tubes in mysterious black paint.

The car was emptied by the rear sub-frame and front fork a solid with a simple construction. Clip-on handlebars and live a little correction on the composition Cafe Racer cars. Old disc brakes are replaced by disc brakes Yamaha R1. The rear shocks application form from Honda and the scrapping of a pair of wheel rim from the legendary Suzuki Bandit.

Back a little bit about the Hyde Designs workshop, it was only after the founder Jens worked at the car factory ricing Customs Hout Bay. This means that this is a new beginning of Jens in the transition from racing cars to street cars bike. And the results he has shows from the Octavia would have been a great success.

Jens certain terms is truly a visionary hands because of a car with Jens truly beautiful only when it is in the original model or changed completely, not tinker too great vehicles.

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Photo: teturnofcafferacers


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