Bagus, launched the “full titanium muffler for Kawasaki Zephyr 750”

  • 02/06/2016

Repair from a custom bike, Bagus motor cycle that is doing the planning and sales of original parts, it launched a full titanium muffler to be for the Zephyr 750.

Aged over the years from conception becomes a finished Bagus original full titanium muffler.


Bagus! For the full titanium muffler Zephyr 750

through the long initiative, finally completed

Full titanium muffler in pursuit of style and performance, aka appeared normal step corresponding full titanium muffler to “bug tube”!

Normal step support, by the bending of the tail pipe to draw the exquisite Earl, is the emergence of was realized a semi-up type style! Tandem possible sport muffler!



[Collecting portion]

adopted the 4-2-1 to turn off the valley of torque.

That’s 4-1 because always it is the valley of torque in the middle. But, I think the sound quality is better 4-1. So while adopting a 4-2-1, to the sound quality does not change with the 4-1, we achieved both shorten design a set part!


tail pipe up the torque the medium speed by the taper of 60.5Φ from 54Φ. Front pipe is adopted 38Φ. Course material is used for high purity domestic titanium! Adopting the spring joint to joint.If the flange to loosen or tighten a number of times, because the flange portion would bent.Furthermore tuning engine, it can be a stepped upon port processing to zero.


titanium silencer ปลายท่อใช่ม่ะ Sakomi径Φ60.5 that has been logo put in laser processing, called also “bug tube” alone, external diameter Φ90 length 400mm inner diameter Φ45 specification of attention.Volume is not too loud, it is quiet only not of 98db.

Component part

Titanium full exhaust × 1

silencer band × 1

※ Exhaust pipe gasket is not attached. Please prepare a genuine new

※ exhaust gas regulated vehicle will be the vehicle inspection non-compliant.

[Selling price]

up style: 168,480 yen

Semi-up style: 168,480 yen


UP type for the full titanium muffler Zephyr 750

[Webike shopping]

Bagus! UP type for the full titanium muffler Zephyr 750


Normal step corresponding model for the full titanium muffler Zephyr 750 (Semi-up style)

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