• 24/08/2018

Akrapovič has expanded its already extensive range of state-of-the-art machines and testing facilities by adding a highly technological feature with the arrival of a Durability Dyno. Designed for mileage accumulation under special programmes, this equipment provides improved testing services for advanced exhaust-system development.


This advanced and innovative machine is an ideal addition to the Akrapovič family, and it represents an important upgrade for the world’s leading high-performance exhaust manufacturer in durability testing of exhaust systems for motorcycles.

Until now, all in-depth tests for motorcycle exhausts have involved durability analysis on the road and at race tracks, but the addition of this machine means that more tests can be performed on the Durability Dyno under controlled conditions. Various parameters are being monitored in the new room, including power, backpressure, temperatures, and more. On-road and track testing will still continue, however, because Akrapovič values the impressions from a real rider to get the true sensation of every one of its exhausts right. This careful testing will ensure that Akrapovič continues developing systems that are extremely durable and of the highest quality.


This fully autonomous 200 kW durability motorcycle chassis dyno has its own automated fuelling system, so there is no need to stop the bike and refuel it, allowing for extended runs to fully assess the durability of every exhaust. The bike is “ridden” by a fully automated robot with a throttle actuator developed in-house , meaning there is no need for a human rider on the bike. The dyno can run defined speed and load cycles to provide complete mileage accumulation.

This hi-tech chassis dyno with a full spectrum of cameras and sensors has lots of sophisticated equipment, making possible an extremely broad range of durability testing, and it can be set to perform with wind speeds up to 200 km/h. It also has an impressive ventilation system, and in cold weather conditions it uses excess heat from the bike’s engine to heat up the incoming air. Furthermore, the dyno uses a sophisticated 200 kW electric motor that recovers electrical energy generated by the load applied to the bike back to the system. In this way it supplies part of the energy needed to run the ventilation system.

This is a brand-new service that Akrapovič is able to supply to its partners, and is aimed at its OEM customers too. The addition of the Durability Dyno cements the Slovenian company’s leading position in high-performance motorcycle exhausts, and it provides continued proof of Akrapovič’s desire to constantly supply the best options to its customers. It joins the many dynos already available to Akrapovič at its premises, which are used for car and motorcycle testing, alongside a certified emissions laboratory for motorcycle dyno to provide emissions type approval. These machines keep Akrapovič at the forefront of exhaust technology and signal its commitment to remaining there.

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