ACTIVE: Dominant “BRAKE FLUID BF4” Visible Fluid Amount and Discoloration

  • 04/07/2019

[Big Machine Zero: Statement By:Toru Tamiya, Photo By:Shin Matsui]

Brake fluid is used in the disc-type brakes for almost all motorcycles to convey the power input to the lever or pedal to the caliper.
This liquid is hygroscopic and moisture content lowers the boiling point, increasing the possibility of the vapor lock phenomenon and the risk of rusting inside. So, it is essential to replace the brake fluid regularly to avoid dangerous brake trouble.



It is more fun to choose with the appearance of new color blue


● Tax-included Price: 1080 Yen (210ml Thinned Tip Bottle), 1944 Yen (500ml Can)

This brake fluid BF4, which is active in the development of its own brand products in addition to the handling of foreign manufacturer’s products, is the largest feature colored (common brake fluid is close to colorless). From this the reserver tank outside and confirmation window, it is easy to confirm the color change caused by the remaining amount and deterioration.
The Green and Red have been sold so far, but this spring a new color Blue also appeared. At the beginning of development, the coloring was not stable, but a bright blue has been achieved by trial and error.

If this fluid is poured into a skeleton type reserver tank, a dressing effect can be obtained. There is no problem choosing the color of your favorite motorcycle or your own preference since it has no difference in performance. I wonder if it is Red for HONDA and DUCATI, Blue for YAMAHA and SUZUKI, and LIME GREEN for Kawasaki.


▲ The 210 ml thinned-tip bottle is a soft container and its tip is like a nozzle, so if you put too much fluid in the master cup, it can be sip back like a dropper. It is also possible to pour the fluid at once by removing the nozzle part.

Even 500ml Can is a great deal!



■ Standard: BF4 ■ Color: Green, Red, Blue ■ Components: Polyalkylene Glycol (96%) / Antirust Agent (4%) ■ Dry Boiling Point: 230°C or higher ■ Wet Boiling Point (when water content is about 3.5%): 155°C or higher ■ Kinematic Viscosity: -40°C 1500cst or less / 100°C 1.5cst or less

Currently in Operation
Brake Hose Kit for ABS Model with Brake Fluid Campaign

When ACTIVE orders the brake hose kit (Front & Rear & Clutch) for a model equipped with AC performance line or build-aligned ABS, a campaign is underway for which 210 ml thinned-tip bottle (newly colored blue) of Brake Fluid BF 4 will be presented once.
The implementation period is until July 20, 2019 (Saturday)!





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