[New] Suzuki, the entry model Motocrosser the “RM85L” released on 12/24

  • 04/02/2016

Suzuki, 2 stroke 84cm 3 release from Motocrosser “RM85L” the December 24, 2015 (Thursday).

Key Features

-Water-cooled SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) 84cm employing the plating cylinder 3 two-stroke equipped with an engine

-front 19 inches, adopted model for the competition the rear 16 inches

to exert, good cushioning properties, full adjustable inverted type front fork and rear shock

-body color adopted the Suzuki tradition of champion yellow No.2 / solid black (GY8)

RM85L (RM85LL6)

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 452,520 yen (including tax)

Release Date: December 24

Color: Champion Yellow No.2 / solid black (GY8) ※ 1 colors

Champion yellow No.2 / solid black




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