[New] Piaggio, sprint 150 spring edition was released “moss green” from March beginning at 20 units limited

  • 12/02/2016


Piaggio Group Japan, the 20 units limited color of Vespa Sprint 150 “moss green”, to start the orders in the country of the Vespa dealer, be released from early March.

2016 is scheduled to be released one after another special model as a special collection in Japan, this sprint 150 spring edition “moss green” is the collection first bullet.

Sprint 150 is equipped with a powerful and economical 155cc 3 valve engine, you can enjoy comfortable and sporty driving.

Newly lineup “moss green” is a green metallic with a deep, and the malls and rear view mirror chrome-plated, coupled with the traditional form, has finished in the luxurious Vespa you would want to ride an adult.

Vespa Sprint 150 spring edition “moss green”

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 454,000 yen (tax included)



Information sources [ Piaggio Group Japan ]


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