The New Nitron Rear Shock Absorbers for XSR900

  • 04/11/2016

Nitron Japan has released its new rear shock absorbers for the YAMAHA XSR900 (MY16) popular for its neo-retro style.

There are three types (R3 series, R2 series and R1 series), and the customer can select one according to his/her requirements. The R3 and R2 types are standardly equipped with the Hydraulic Preload Adjuster (HPA).

Rear Suspension Mono Shock NTR R3 Series

List Price: 181,000JPY (w/o tax)

It is standardly equipped with the three-way damper adjustment system: two-way  (low speed and high speed) for the compression , and one-way for the rebound damping.

The two-way compression adjuster enables the motorcycle to have traction power at low speed range where less load is applied, while making it have stability at high speed range where much bigger load is applied.  It copes with all those small requests for all purpose of use, from street to race, from beginners to experts.


In addition, this Nitron-unique three-way adjuster adopts  a completely independent system that does not interfere with other adjuster fields. It can make adjustments widely and precisely. All models are standardly equipped with a vehicle height adjuster (excludes some motorcycles).

It is the Nitron’s highest grade model that comes with all the necessary adjustment systems for its damper, spring, vehicle height and shock absorber.

[Webike Japan Product Page]

Rear Suspension Mono Shock NTR R3 Series



List Price: 171,000JPY (w/o tax)

It is the Nitron’s middle range model that inherits the high-level specification of its top model, RACE series.

It is standardly equipped with the two-way damper adjustment system: one-way for the compression, and one-way for the rebound damping.


Like the RACE series, it can make adjustments according to the rider’s requirements, from street to sport ride, with its wide damper adjusting system. (Its basic structure is the same as the RACE series. The difference is its compression adjuster.)

[Webike Japan Product Page]

Rear Suspension Mono Shock NTR R2 Series



List Price: 95,000JPY (w/o tax)

It is the Nitron’s basic shock absorber with a reservoir tank

Though it comes with a simple one-way adjuster    that is effective for both compression and rebound damping,//รีบาวน์ลูกสูบ it can make wide range of adjustments.

The oil and gas are completely separated by the free piston.


It can maintain the damping performance for long hours. It uses the same material as the RACE or TRACK series for its body, and its precision is also controlled likewise.

The vehicle height adjustment feature is also provided as its standard specification (except for some models). It is a shock absorber for street/touring use, that is simple yet holds on to the Nitron’s philosophy.

[Webike Japan Product Page]

Rear Suspension Mono Shock NTR R1 Series

Original Source [ NITRON ](* Japanese)

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