• 13/05/2016

In the field the term scrambler motorcycle is a type of motorcycle with features mostly road to which minor changes to make it suitable to tackle dirt paths or short off-road have been made. The term scrambler, in fact, is derived from “to scramble” or “shuffle.” One can argue endlessly about which company has marketed the first real scrambler and it is equally logical that every rider will have his own opinion about depending on your idea of ​​scrambler.

But the SR that we present on this occasion could put several heads of agreement. We know that just this year Yamaha has begun to sell small SR400 and America the JPD Custom got their hands on one of his first models. First modified the chassis by cutting all the attacks and eliminating unnecessary back and replaced it with a thinner and lighter element on which was mounted a simple saddle and old-fashioned, low and flat. They were applied short aluminum fenders front and rear, side panels with new tables port number, motocross handlebars and knobbly tires blandly; the front was completed with a Koso instrument mounted on a simple metal plate and a classic round headlight of Dime City cylces.

While in front of the fork has remained the series, it has in fact been added only the bellows on the stems, behind the change was more radical with a new polished aluminum swingarm without chain guard and coupled to two specific and adjustable dampers. The craft exhaust system was built using small stainless steel tubes welded together; It is particularly the passage behind the right side panel.

The final touch is given by the skillful painting that mixes matt and satin-polished colors with elements recalling the graphics on the tank of another legendary Yamaha, the 500 XT. This is a simple and robust motion, inspired by the old school, with the kickstart pedal and the rear drum brake, without unnecessary frills to limit the weight, handy and fun, enjoyable alone or in pair and able to move with the same smoothness in urban centers such as on country roads.


CR motodastrada

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