The EWC World Championship resumes its rights in Le Mans after a long truce unheard due to the health conditions of the moment, remember that for the first time in its history this 43rd edition takes place behind closed doors.
Bike and riders are eager to fight: tingling in the connecting rod for one, in the right hand for the others!
A month and a half after riding on the same track during private testing, significant progresses have been made in setting the bike with its new MICHELIN tires, placing Gilles STAFLER’s team in ambush tomorrow Saturday on the traditionally cobbled grid and before strarting at 12:00 (once is not customary) for the traditional two-lap race.
During the first timed qualifying practice, the three world champion riders Jérémy GUARNONI, Erwan NIGON and David CHECA did the job, clocking a promising third provisional time in 1’37” 529. It should be remembered that now equipped with a TRICKSTAR exhaust system, the beautiful green bike also has to deal with new MICHELIN tires that are very high-performance but require running, a lot of running, in order to perfect the set-up.
Erwan NIGON’s analysis of this practice : « We will start seventh on the grid, which may seem disappointing to some, but we’re confident for the race despite real constraints linked to the sudden change of manufacturer and then the health crisis, which has impacted us more than our rivals. Nevertheless, we are World Champions and have a reputation to defend. We will therefore be keen to aim for victory once again for several reasons: Jeremy, David and I are very consistent in terms of times (we’re only two-tenths of a second close, apart from the fact that we get along very well), and secondly because the MICHELIN have very good longevity and consistency in wear… And I’m not talking about the expected rain, which could be a real problem (the tires are particularly impressive under the rain). Finally, we have always performed well at the Bugatti track, and I remind you that we are the reigning winners!


At the beginning of the race, we should not get too excited, others will take care of that for us! >>
Now it’s time to check the bike, perfect the settings and set up the race strategy,
A race whose departure will be given tomorrow under a threatening sky with possibility of showers and an expected temperature of 17°C.
Next point with the Webike SRC Kawasaki France Trickstar Team: The Warm up on Saturday morning at 9 am followed by the grid at 11:25 am
Special thanks to our partners who exceptionally are not at our side (we regret it very sincerely) but who will have the opportunity this year again not to miss anything of the race considering that the most famous of the endurance races benefits from a very important media coverage, please judge:
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