Baby Face releases backstep kit for STREET TRIPLE / R (’13-)

  • 19/01/2017
Street triple R

Babyface planning, manufacturing and selling motorcycle parts has released a backstep kit for STREET TRIPLE / R (’13-).

The position can be varied in 5 places, you can select your favorite step position. Precision bearings are incorporated into the bearings of both left and right pedals in a double, and smooth pedal operation can be experienced.

The color is black, gold and silver in three colors, the price is 57,500 yen (excluding tax).

STREET TRIPLE / R (’13 -) backstep kit

160222 _ 52

160222 _ 53 160222 _ 54 160222 _ 55


Step position

0Mm Back 15Mm 1 Up

2 0Mm Back 28.5Mm Up

3 0Mm Back 39.5Mm Up

4 12.5Mm Back 28.5Mm Up

5 12.5Mm Back 39.5Mm Up
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BABYFACE Rear set for Street Triple/R

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