Reinforced engine parts for GROM/MSX125 from Kitaco


KITACO developed reinforced engine parts.

One of attached picture is stock crankshaft assy.
Stock crankshaft is no problem for use with stock engine, but…
In case of High power engine like Kitaco 164 and 181cc,
it’s completely poverty for strength and durability.

And so, KITACO developed the reinforced crank shaft which can bear up under the high power.
This new crankshaft is same stroke value with stock, but it has thick connecting rod H-shape XSECT. So it can’t be used on stock 125cc engine as connecting rod hit stock cylinder sleeve hit.
This crankshaft is exclusive use for big bore engine!

It will be included in the Kit of Kitaco New big bore kit with Neo cylinder head.
Also, KITACO is planning to supply only the connecting rod for repair. Please don’t miss it!!



Original Source[ KITACO Facebook ]

See Engine Parts of KITACO
See KITACO Engine Parts for HONDA MSX125(GROM)


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