How to replace the tire of the motorcycle! [DIY Complete Master]

  • 04/10/2018

Most of them change the tire at the shop where they bought it. I wonder if do they have method on tire replacement.

It is easy and safe to leave it to the shop, but it takes about 5000 yen labor…

I’m thinking if “I can have that product if I have 5,000 yen”

This time we will teach an easy to understand ways on how to exchange a tire for those who wanted to do it by themselves!


•Table of contents

1. Tire Replacement DIY Lesson! “Preparation” Introducing the tools necessary for tire replacement!

2. Tire Replacement DIY Lesson! “Working Procedure”
3. Tire Replacement Summary!


This time we will introduce our vehicle instructor who will teach us about tire replacement.

We requested to Mr, Yasuo, the best Webike staff mechanical instructor for tire replacement tutorial.

He is a strong man who can exchange 1 tire within 1 minute with the wheel removed from the vehicle.

The vehicle that we will be working on this time is the 2012 Model Year KAWASAKI ZX-10R.

The tire used is the “MICHELIN Power Super Sports EVO”

The size is 1000cc Super Sports size of “F: 120/70-17” “R:190/55-17”.


Tire Replacement DIY Lesson! “Preparation” Introducing the tools necessary for tire replacement!


1.Service Manual

Check the procedure to remove the wheel from the vehicle and the default torque.

2.Wrenches and Sockets

Let’s prepare what are the things required for removing the wheel from the vehicle.

You can check the size of the socket in the service manual.

3.Motorcycle Stand

It is used when fixing the motorcycle tire by floating it from the ground.

It is possible to use the center stand but it is recommended to use the stand after fixing it firmly.

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4.Insect Repellent

Remove the valve core inside the valve, and use it to remove the air from the tire

5.Tire Lever

It is safe to hace 4pc. tire levers necessary for the removal of the tire from the wheel.

6.Rim Guard

This is a cover that protects the rim from scratches when removing the tire from the sheel with the tire lever.

7.Bead Cream

It is used to improve slippages during tire installation.

8.Bead Breaker

It is used to drop the bead of the tire from the wheel.

9.Wheel Balancer

It is used to take weight balance after tire replacement.

10.Balance Weight

It is used when checking and adjusting the weight balancer by the balancer.

11.Air Compressor (Air Inlet)Air Gauge (Pneumatic Pressure Gauge)

Fill in some air on the tire with a proper air pressure.

It is also install in the gasoline station.


Tire exchange DIY lesson! “Working Entry”

The flow of the tire replacement are as follows:

1. Remove the wheel
2. Remove the tires
3. Tire on
4. Balance
5. Install the wheel
6. Front-Extra Edition ~

At first, step forward.
*Please check the service manual regarding the vehicle torque management.
*Please work at your own risk.
 Working with reference to this article, the Webike does not know about trouble or break down when occurred.

1. Remove the wheel

Point of work!

The rear axle nut is tightened with considerably strong torque.
For that reason, it uses a long spinner handlebar that is efficiently applied.
It is recommended to have a size of 12.7sq. because it increases the socket used.
In addition, let’s hook the chain and the rear caliper to the swing arm as shown in the picture (*Please note to scratches.)

2. Remove the Tire

1: First remove the valve core by core driver and remove the air.
It became possible to drop the beads as the air escaped.

2: Then drop the bead with the bead breaker.

3: Remove the tire from the wheel with the tire lever.


3. Tire on

1: Apply bead cream on the tire!
Then check the direction of rotation of the tire.

4. Put air in and raise the bead

And put the air until it will sound, as soon as the left and right beads are mounted!
Finally, attach the valve core and adjust to the proper air pressure.

4. Balance

Check the heavy part of the tire using a balancer.
Mark the vertex when turning it appropriate because the normal and heavy parts goes downward.
Almost wheels since the valve part tends to be the heavy part.
The balance will be evenly distributed if you know the light part of the tire and if making a part of the valve.
This valve came down also the wheel.

* Some manufacturers have a mark on the light point of the tire.

Attach the weight by temporary fixation, and level the light and heavy part.
Explore a good balance that will not turn while weighing the weight.


5. Attach the wheel to the motorcycle

1. Grease up before installation

It is a great chance to grease up everywhere.
Let’s go even during seizure, intallation and rust inhibition!

2. Attach the wheel to the motorcycle in the reverse order when removing it.

6. Front-Extra Edition-

The detail is omitted because the front disk is basically the same but it requires big hexagon.
It is good even in socket but this is recommended as there are various of sizes!

Tire Replacement Summary!

It require various tools when replacing the tire but try it in yourself,
You can observe that the weight and the softness of the tire are completely different according to the manufacturer.

It is just only in the beginning that it will take approximately 3 hours to replace it.
Motorcycle Shop which can perform a tire replacement in about 20 to 30 minutes is much appreacited by the riders.


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