“Webike” supported stunt riders for good activities of Motorcycle!



We support many riders in motorcycle scene and introduce you our rider’s information and activity sometimes.
This picture is Webike support Stunt rider Hiroyuki Ogawa a.k.a “OGA” and Dart track rider Kagawa a.k.a “Dandy Kagawa”. Last weekend , they shared practice spot and made session together. As you can see , Noticeable point is Dandy Kagawa ride on a newest Harley Davidson Street750 and made drift on completely stock condition. They are not same category riders but no problem at all for them because of they are real professional each other.


Hiroyuki Ogawa a.k.a "OGA" & Kagawa a.k.a "Dandy Kagawa"

Hiroyuki Ogawa a.k.a “OGA” & Kagawa a.k.a “Dandy Kagawa”

The day of Practice! "OGA" & "Dandy Kagawa"


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