How to recognize poor quality gasoline while refueling motorcycles

  • 01/11/2016


Poor-quality gasoline is the cause for many diseases such as car ignition is hardly explosive, emits unusual sounds even lead to vehicle fires … So how do people use motorcycles to distinguish the quality of gasoline good or poor quality gasoline or petrol and oil are mixed when filling up the petrol?

If you want to accurately assess the quality of petrol, the best way might just be bringing gas samples back to the lab to analyze the components. Which would certainly not consumers have the means and conditions for implementing the same. However, we can check the quality of gasoline by some simply as follows: How to check gasoline mixed with oil or not: you can take a blank sheet of paper, to which a few drops of gasoline small, so that self-evaporative gasoline, if not on paper what stains (or just very light stain ), you can rest assured about the quality of petrol and that we are taking. But if they see too much residue that has been mixed gasoline and oil. The second way to check the quality of gasoline that we can ask the clerk put a few drops of petrol and petrol on the fingertips. If there is the phenomenon of adhesion (slimy), it’s got mixed gasoline and oil, not to buy. The third way is possible to obtain a combustion gas volume test, after the fire off, see plays like a viscous residue but a hiss. Allow to cool, this residue layer bound into a black plastic glue. With the test results from the simple way you can get to be part of the quality that your gas station or buy. How to recognize the poor quality gasoline while refueling motor can also help to protect your motorcycle better.

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