Twin Cylinder 250cc Super Sports

  • 02/08/2016


In TWIN RING MOTEGI, the 2016 model 250cc class test ride event was held. On that day, it was bad weather but I was able to ride to 2016 models in all categories over a long period of time.


This time report that is the fifth edition of the test drive reports series, I write down about [YZF-R25, Ninja250ABS] of Twin Engine Super Sports motorcycle. Now 250cc super sports motorcycle is very popular. I think many people are considering which will you buy single or twin engine such as Naked motorcycle. Please refer in conjunction with Vol71-73.


YAMAHA YZF-R25 The Strongest Sports with Performance from the R Series!

 Both Engine and Handling are Perfect! It is ahead of the pack compared to rivals in the category of 250cc sports motorcycle.

Engine Displacement: 249cc
Fuel Consumption: 33.5km/L
Tank Capacity: 14.0L
Max Power: 36PS/12,000l/min
Seat Height: 780mm
Curb Weight: 166kg

KAWASAKI Ninja250ABS Leading Multi Purpose 250 Sports Motorcycles!

It is an instigator of recent 250cc sports motorcycle boom. Mature engine and the vehicle body is reliable. And the speed is also first-stringer still now.

Engine Displacement: 248cc
Fuel Consumption: 40.0km/L
Tank Capacity: 17.0L
Max Power: 31PS/11,000rpm
Seat Height: 785mm
Curb Weight: 174kg

[Position] Rider Model Height: 176cm Weight: 69kg

It gives an image of the super sports itself with clip-on handlebars and bending body forward style. But In fact, it has a high handle position and low step position, so it is also comfortable for city riding.


It has a large body design, cowl is also large and the wind protection ability is also good. Handle position is higher than Ninja250SL, and it is comfortable for touring use.

[Riding Experience]

It is easy to ride and smooth at the entire rotation range and powerful, particularly engine revs lightly at the high rotation range, like the feeling of In-line 4. The pleasure at the circuit excels others.


High rotary power exploding at higher than 10,000rpm is a advantage characteristic and it still makes demonstration of the top-class performance in the circuit.


It is basically light, but stable handling, too. Movement of the suspension includes a feeling of grade and allow riders to enjoy full-scale high-speed cornering.


It is a good at high-speed corners, which takes advantage of supple Uni-track-type rear suspension and high rigidity frame. If anything, the handling is stability-oriented.

[Pushing the Vehicle/Foot Grounding] Rider Model Height: 176cm Weight: 69kg

The height of seat is standard in this class, and the foot grounding is also good by combined with slim vehicle body. Handlebar swing angle is also enough and it is also easy to push the vehicle.


It is the largest body and the vehicle weight is also heavy in the category of full-cowl sports motorcycle. The seat is higher in the specification, but a foot grounding is good by front and rear suspension sinking at initial preload.

[Meter Equipment]

The combination of the digital multi-function meter and the analog-type tachometer is recent trend and easy to see, and the design is elegant. As for it, the shift timing indicator is like racing machine.


The design of the analog-type tachometer was changed in the 2016 model and it is easier to see. It has a unique point that is equipped with an eco-indicator.

[Around the handlebar switch]

YZF-R25 (Left)
YZF-R25 (Left)
YZF-R25 (Right)
YZF-R25 (Right)
Ninja250ABS (Left)
Ninja250ABS (Left)
Ninja250ABS (Right)
Ninja250ABS (Right)



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