DUCATI ”MONSTER 1200R” Test Ride – Review & Movie

  • 07/06/2016


[ Kenny Sagawa, Webike News Chief Editor ]

DUCATI 2016 Model Test Ride was held at Sodegaura Forest Raceway for the press. It was the first opportunity to ride MONSTER 1200R known as top model of the MONSTER Family.


Let’s check out the ”R” specifications of the Ultimate Monster. Motorcycle journalist Kenny Sagawa will be giving you reviews on the test ride.


[Webike Moto Report] DUCATI MONSTER 1200R Test Ride Movie


Mounted with ”R” Specified 150ps Engine

This year, DUCATI is giving out flows of new models. SCRAMBLER Sixty 2, HYPER MOTARD 939 and XDiavel. I’ve driven a lot of Bologna brand motorcycles this year. DUCATI is extending its sales worldwide and is producing good products in momentum to a virtuous circle.

I’d quote MONSTER 1200R as ”exciting”. In other words it is a stylish vehicle that offers exciting high performance. The performance that you’d expect from a model that has been commercialized with the ”Ultimate Monster” propaganda. Engine, body and underparts have all been optimized to be used on the circuit.



The Water-cooling 1198.4cc Testastretta 11degrees Engine is basically the same as the ones mounted to MONSTER 1200 and advance MONSTER 1200S. But the intake and exhaust system mounted to ”R” has been revised and compression ratio has been optimized. As a result, it has increased 10% power, 5.5% torque compared with the STD and S engine to correspond on circuits.

This year, Euro 4 is in correspondence and the Japanese specifications have been modified with specifications equal to European engines which offer a maximum output of 150ps. The output of STD and S engines released recently are 126ps which show you how largely engine output has increased in value.



Experience MotoGP Mode with Up-to-date Technology

”R” specified engines perform best at high rotation near 10,000rpm. However due to 1200cc capacity, it will increase torque at medium speed range. Change the riding mode to powerful ”sports mode”, make sure the tire is warm enough, gradually open the throttle and you’ll be able to feel the front raise even when the vehicle is still in its leaning position. It’ll feel like a rocket being emitted.

Steady traction control will prevent the body from inclining and loosing balance and prevent the rear wheels from slippering. That means that up-to-date technology will offer MotoGP mode. It’ll give you great sensation.



Riding modes can be selected from ”urban”, ”touring” and ”sports”. If you chose ”touring”, the DTC (DUCATI Traction Control) will operate the minute you accelerate and you’ll be able to get around seeing the indicators lighten.



They seem to be controlled in relation to ignition timing but delivery of power won’t cut off suddenly like the traction controls that used to. Instead it will support the rider conservatively and gently in an excellent way. The machine won’t disturb the aptitude of the rider. It’s an aspect that represents DUCATI’s style to pursue the enjoyment of sports rides.

When you select riding mode, the ABS will optimize. The combination of brembo M50 Monoblock Caliper and Bosch 9MP is the same combination mounted to the luxurious 1299 PANIGALE. Due to latest brainy brake systems, the monstrous power can be handled with safety.



It offers intense stopping force but the impressive point would rather be the soft touch. If you make a sudden brake, the ABS will operate, although that won’t be necessary on the circuit. It will gradually release and let you take control.


Easy-to-use Characteristics Can Compete with PANIGALE

For Monster1200R, handling is simple and easy. Whether you are cornering at high speed or making hairpin turns, no matter how fast you are driving, the vehicle will offer you a comfortable ride. Monster1200R won’t offer sharp reaction compared to PANIGALE but its large body will give you a sense of security. The not too light body also offers good response when the vehicle is leaned for cornering.

Output characteristics also give an effect. Torque increase at medium range will offer the rider comfort even when running at high speed. At the circuit, this ”comfort” will offer same riding levels as the PANIGALE. Due to the upright riding position and spacy size, it can be used comprehensively on streets as well.



The seat is 830mm and is higher compared to seats mounted to STD and S models. However this is just the right height for the circuit. Seats mounted to STD and S models stable the rider’s hip and offer good ground touching, on the other hand seat rails for ”R” are exclusively designed to offer a sporty riding position. Also due to OHLINS setting on front and rear suspensions, the height of the motorcycle has increased to enhance leaning angle. It proves that the vehicle was made for the circuit. The vehicle is slightly tall for a naked model.



Pushed down from a high position, it is also presumably aimed to exert driving performance. The unique stroke of OHLINS is attractive as well. Actually it is easy to feel the movement of the vehicle compared to 959 PANIGALE. It also performs upgraded excellent absorption at high speed range which totally differs from STD underparts.

I had an opportunity to test ride STD and S on the streets. When I got on the ”R” I felt the beat of the large L Twin capacity hadn’t changed but revving is smoother and more exquisite than before.

I’m not sure because the tests weren’t made at the same time but due to modified specification, the engine possibly has natural output. Of course electrical devices and improved underparts are also influencing aspects.


Beautifully Designed for Running

Monster1200R has a massive large body. It might have felt that way because I test rode 959 PANIGALE on the same day but it is decent for a 1200 class. It has a glamourous body with volume that is shaped at the waist like an athlete. The sexy well balanced body shows the DUCATI Design Team’s obsession for beauty and is definitely another allure of this model.



Besides the high performance and luxurious equipment, the exclusive graphic logo, sport seat and forged wheel exaggerate the beauty of the sporty design. It’s not a cool beauty but a hot beauty. The ”Ultimate Monster” is the machine that will also stir up the ultimate desire to possess.



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Information Source: Webike Japan



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