SHOEI NEOTEC Modular Helmet Overview

  • 15/11/2016

Today I’d like to introduce you the Neotec helmet from SHOEI.

SHOEI Neotec is designed to offer comfort for both daily tours and long tours.

Modular System
When you want to open the cover, unfasten the lock lever. It will click when it’s fully open.
The helmet is also equipped with a sun visor. It can be easily opened / closed with lever.
You won’t have to take your helmet off to take a drink or smoke a cigarette.
The chin strap can be removed easily.

Ventilation System
There are two air intakes on the front side of the helmet. They can be open/closed with your gloves on.
Air enters from the intake and discharges from the outlet.

The inside of the helmet consists of center pad, cheek pad, ear pad and strap cover that can be removed for washing. Center pads and cheek pads are available optionally in various width.
The ear pad can be removed to install a speaker.

Product Accessories
The helmet comes with silicon oil, water-proof spray and breath guard for overhaul. The breath guard will prevent fogging caused by breathing. Place the pinlock sheet on to the inner side of the shield and it will prevent it from fogging.

Isn’t it awesome!?
SHOEI Neotec will also offer you the secure feeling that only can be achieved from full face helmets.
It’ll come in handy especially when you’re taking a break due to its convenient features.


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