Arai ASTRO Pro Shade Helmet Overview

  • 11/08/2016

Arai ASTRO Pro Shade Helmet Overview - pro shade

Today I’d like to introduce you ASTRO PRO SHADE from ARAI.

This helmet is an ASTRO-IQ equipped with additional PRO SHADE functions that are recently the buzz of the city.

The main feature of this helmet is the PRO SHADE system. A PRO SHADE system is a shield that combines both smoked shield and clear shield.


The clear shield is for the daytime when you’re going through tunnels and when you’re back in the sun you can instantly flip down the smoked shield. By mounting the smoked shield on the outer side of the helmet, the helmet combines both clear and smoked shields without influencing the shock absorb cushion.


Let’s take a look at the opening system of the smoked shield. It’s easy to handle. When you want a clear shield just raise the smoked shield. Push it further and it will be securely locked. When you want to put it back down pull it a little forward and it will unlock.


Other functions are equivalent to the ASTRO-IQ.

First the Aero Flap. It comes with an Aero Flap Cover so you won’t have to worry about the cold seasons.

The helmet also corresponds to pin lock shields to prevent fog.


You can remove the sponge from the system pad and replace it with speakers for communication devices like Bluetooth.

With the ASTRO PRO SHADE, clear shield and smoked shield can be switched without ruining ARAI’s safety standards.

The helmet is full of convenient functions that will greatly satisfy the rider.

It is highly recommended.


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Arai ASTRO Pro Shade Helmet Overview - w astro 003s


Astro Pro Shade




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