One to decorate the series final model! Kawasaki, the “D-TRACKER X Final Edition” is released from May 15


Stylish appearance and easy to handle body characteristics in the popularity of street sport “D-TRACKER X” has been finally announced Omotte 2016 and the end of production.


It supported the Motard boom prosperity “D-TRACKER”

The KLX250 was off-road model, that was changed to Motard specifications popularity had begun at that time was a “D-TRACKER”. Engine is also power a water-cooled, at that time many have run the vehicle that was custom the D-TRACKER in Motard race, had been released many feedback custom parts from the race.
Such “fight 4 strike” inherited either an on-load D-TRACKER also turned into FI in response to the enhanced exhaust gas regulations, it began to model change to the current “D-TRACKER X”.

This “Final Edition” as, design a Final Edition logo in addition to the full of nostalgia graphics drawn a large “D” on the shroud. The wheel rim is decorated anodized, he has finished in the single worthy to Decorate a last hurray.
Release Date is May 15.


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D-TRACKER X Final Edition

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price 585,360 yen
(base price of 542,000 yen, consumption tax 43,360 yen)

Lightweight water-cooled DOHC4 stroke single cylinder engine to achieve a sharp response and smooth racing, mounted on a slim perimeter-frame, have been subjected to the setting of dedicated optimized for on-road travel in the front and rear suspension.

Inverted front fork of the inner tube diameter of 43mm is provided with the compression side damping force adjustment mechanism, the rear of the Uni-track suspension side growth in addition to preload adjustment, allows the compression side damping force adjustment. In addition to the excellent running performance on the street, it has also contributed to the good Nostoc verrucosum property.

An outer diameter of the front in the brake system 300mm, the rear to be petal disc is the adoption of 240mm, looks exhibit of course excellent braking power and control. Meter panel bar graph tachometer is in, digital speedometer, clock, full digital type with dual trip meter was adopted.

In addition, the stylish front cowl with a 2-lamp headlights, front and rear fenders and mirrors of sharp design is further brings out the aggressive image of D-TRACKER X.


Changes from the D-TRACKER X standard model

Tank, front and rear fenders, shrouds, adopted the Final Edition special color to the headlight cover
shroud, adopted the Final Edition special graphics to the side cover
adopt a blue anodized to wheel rim

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