True value of 2019 KAWASAKI Ninja H2 [Interview with developer]

  • 16/08/2019

The KAWASAKI Ninja H2, the overall winner of customer’s vote called “Machine of the Year 2018” held by the YOUNG MACHINE, took part in the Bonneville Speed Week 2018 to achieve a world record of 337.064 km/h in the P-PB1000 class with strict restrictions for modification. We had an interview with Mr. Satoaki ICHI (KAWASAKI Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine Company) about his challenge to the Bonneville 2018 and some featured topics of the 2019 Ninja H2.

Text / Photo by Hidetoshi KAWASHIMA



KAWASAKI Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine Company Mr. Satoaki ICHI The Ninja H2/H2R development team leader. He is the important person of the motorcycle company to unite advanced technical capabilities of the entire Kawasaki Heavy Industries into the H2 in collaboration with the aerospace company or the gas‐turbine engine company beyond borders among their units.


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