Bangkok International Motor Show 2018 is Here!!

  • 29/03/2018

Bangkok International Motor Show 2018 is Here!! - dfjsg


The 2018 International Motor Show is being held in Bangkok at Impact Arena for its 39th consecutive years. This is the event that all riders from every segment are waiting for. We get to see new models from various manufacturers every single year. This year is also a huge step for Japanese manufacturer especially Honda and Yamaha.


One of the highlight in this event is no doubt new models from Honda which are Honda Monkey 125 and Super Cub 125, a new design to take these little models up a notch. Not to mention a new Forza 300 that has been released a few days ago.


Let’s start with this new Forza 300 following its concept ‘For the Great Prestige’, which really take up to its concept of ‘great’ with a new design and a built-in LED light. A little plaything has been added on its windscreen to adjust with electronic. A new aggressive front fairing on left and right gives a different feeling compare to the previous model.


IMG_9482 Bangkok International Motor Show 2018 is Here!! - IMG 9482 683x1024


Next stop is our beloved Honda Monkey that power up to a 125cc. Class Motorcycle. This is a very old model that has been living with us for a long time and now we are excited to finally be able to ride this little guy with higher power.



Even though, an All new Super Cub 110 has been released not long ago, we are all hyped for this 125cc. Super Cub that give a new look that turns it into a modern classic style. A new Super Cub 125 comes with round headlight, built-in turn signal and a single seat.


Bangkok International Motor Show 2018 is Here!! - IMG 9487 683x1024


The second highlight of this year is definitely a three-wheeled motorcycle from Yamaha called Niken. We have seen this model on various media, but this is the first time we get to see the real thing….. and it really is amazing! No doubt the Valentino Rossi cays this Niken is a beast, because it really is!


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We get an aggressive style from this model. Though, a wide front due to its three wheels, it gets narrow body and more agile. It has 847 cc. Crossplane engine. This model will surely add more pleasant to your touring trip.



Yamaha LEXI is a new release from this event, too. A new scooter at 125cc. Bluecore engine with an amazing feature, VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) that gives more power and acceleration to this model.


DSC00966 Bangkok International Motor Show 2018 is Here!! - DSC00966 683x1024


This year is one of the biggest event for an American style, Harley Davidson, too. To commemorate their 115 anniversary, they revealed a total of 9 models in this event as well as 4 custom Sportsters. Regardless of any closing factory in America, seems like Harley Davidson is on a rise again.


Bangkok International Motor Show 2018 is Here!! - Event Photo 081 1024x683


115 Anniversary Model


4 Sportster Custom Models


Kawasaki’s booth still gets a huge crowd on their Z900RS/Cafe. We are waiting to get a first ride on this descendant model of Kawasaki Z 1 and Z 2. Ninja 400 is still one of the middle class model all sport riders are waiting for.


Bangkok International Motor Show 2018 is Here!! - IMG 9461 1024x683


CF Moto is our new commer with reasonable price on their models. Not to mention GPX that still gets a lot of fans on their booth. Ducati, BMW, and Triumph has their own style as usual.





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