Suspension Setting could Change Motorcycle!


Jun Funahashi’s column has started in Webike bike news. He is the G sense CEO, a suspension service shop.

Funahashi started his career as a racer when he was 15 years old. After working as a test rider and a writer at the monthly-magazine Riding Sports editorial department, Funahashi joined Carrozzeria Japan, an authorized OHLINS dealer, and gained a lot of experience in suspensions. He established G sense in 2010 and he now widely provides his experience to general riders and to professional riders as race supports.

Funahashi will deliver columns on suspensions that most riders may be curious. Please do look forward to this!

Motorcycle part “suspension” that attracts me very much.

[ Jun Funahashi, the G sense CEO, a suspension service shop ]

This is my first experience to write a column. My name is Jun Funahashi. I have ridden motorcycles for a quarter century with no break since I started races when I was 15 years old. Even now I have come to be involved as my job, my curiosity about motorcycles is insatiable. I am the same “enchanted fan by motorcycles” as you.

What I was most attracted is suspensions that determine riding qualities and characters. I was so fascinated and I came to run a motorcycle shop dedicated for suspensions. Delivering regularly more attractive aspects of motorcycles mainly focused on suspensions in my own way, it is my pleasure to help your “safer, more comfortable, more joyful” motorcycle lives through suspensions.

Setting is a key to motorcycle!

First of all, I want to tell you that “setting is a key to motorcycle!” as shown in the title. A suspension, one part of motorcycle components, is an important part relating to all the main parts such as a frame, the engine, a brake, and tires. It controls the body movement at acceleration, deceleration and cornering and it could improve the performance.

Importance of suspensions connecting between a motorcycle and roads.

Even if the engine power is great, if the suspensions are not capable enough to receive it, the throttle would not be easily opened. In the same way, even if equipped with a

superior brake, if the suspensions are not able to fully receive the power, you can not brake hard. Moreover, even if equipped with good grip tires, if the suspensions are not able to keep the wheels in contact with the ground, the tires’ performance would not be fully utilized.

If you understand that a suspension has a key role in determining your motorcycle’s impression and do your suspension setting, the setting would give you a clue to improvement: is it the front (at braking)?; is it the rear (at acceleration)?; or are the back and front well-balanced? In this way, improvement focusing on a target would be an effective way.

A cook needs to prepare food while considering eater’s preference. Of course, everyone has their own tastes. So, how about starting with standing in the kitchen of the suspension setting in order to pursue better quality of riding?

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