I participated in “the study meeting about SUNSTAR’s disc rotor”!

  • 14/06/2016

About motorcycles, “SUNSTAR” is well known for sprockets and disc rotors.

We held the study meeting about SUNSTAR’s brake discs at our company. This time, I will report about it.


Talking about disk rotors!

About motorcycles, “SUNSTAR” is well known for sprockets and disc rotors.

We studied very hard, starting from the mechanism of disc brakes (It is often described like ‘Pascal’s principle is…’ or something in some magazines.), and then, the current needs about brake parts, trends about brakes, SUNSTAR’s line-up of disc rotors which is continuously added new categories and items, and more.

The instructor was from Kunimi Commerce which deals in SUNSTAR’s products.



At first, we learned about the history of SUNSTAR as a brand a little.

Except motorcycle, SUNSTAR is known for toothpaste (There may be a lot of people who don’t this, but the ‘SUNSTAR’ making sprockets is the same company as ‘SUNSTAR’ making toothpaste!), but their original start was to make bicycles.

Seeing the bicycle named SUNSTAR made soon after the Second World War, I was surprised that it was far from today’s SUNSTAR. (Try to search for ‘SUNSTAR bicycle’!)


About the trend of brakes

Though this meeting was started with such ice breaks, it was about the trend of brakes that I think the most valuable part was

Recently, the controlling performance is needed among each part relating brakes.

Most of the today’s vehicles have the enough stopping power, made by the calipers or other parts.

I heard that those are needed that ‘controlling performance’ and ‘steady feeling made by improving the heat resistance,’ not seeking the more stopping power even having the enough power.

As I have old motorcycle (Kawasaki Z), I can’t help thinking that the stopping power is the most important thing…

Actually, current motorcycles have such developed brake parts as I, a rider of old motorcycle, think envious.


Description about features of each popular series’ products

Also, one of the special programs at this meeting was the description of features as they brought us several representative items from each category of SUNSTAR’s products.

All the participating staff jumped into the samples! 

As expected, we are interested in SUNSTAR’s discs, thinking about customizing brake system or improvement of appearance.

After the study meeting, we could try the samples on our own motorcycles. We became very excited about not only the meeting but also this opportunity to try on.



[Click to shop products]

The WORKS EXPAND disc rotor is the greatest disc rotor among those released by SUNSTAR.

SUNSTAR has done development cooperation with YOSHIMURA JAPAN, the world’s top constructor, and made the greatest disc rotor to be conceivable today as goods on the market.

Not only the top riders who succeed worldwide but also riders who enjoy riding on only weekends may feel the difference of braking performance with the disc rotors. Also, they line up a wide range of models not only for SuperSport but also for SportTourer or Naked motorcycles.


[Representative features]

*It is resistant to thermal strain.

*It is good at controlling when the rider strongly grips

*It can keep the brake lever stable even after riding continuously in tracks several times

*The more the rider grips, the more stopping power is given.

*The wear of brake pads is a little.



[Click to shop products]

It is like buying a custom-made item to choose from 168 kinds of patterns at most.

You can choose your own, only one depending on scenes, from professional track riding to sport riding. 

Or, you can make the brake system unique by being particular about color and design to match the body. This disc rotor is a new type we have never seen.


[Representative features]

*You can choose the outer rotor from three designs.

*You can choose the outer rotor thickness from 5.0mm or 5.5mm. The difference of disc’s thickness makes the feeling of braking change dramatically.

*You can choose the inner rotor which is very important for the brake disc’s appearance from two designs.

*The floating/semi-floating pin which change the feeling overwhelmingly, and the seven kinds of colors to choose.




[Click to shop products]

It is made of SUNSTAR’s original, stainless steel material which is specialized for disc rotor.

The all-round disc rotor has been chosen by vehicle manufacturers all over the world.

The congeniality with stock caliper and pad is good, and it is made with floating pin of fixed type made account of durability and easiness of maintenance while riding on streets.

It has more performance than stock disc, but the price is lower than it. (Except some models)

Enjoy customizing brake system more comfortably.


[Representative features]

*It is low-cost, high-performance.

*It is made in Japan, and reliable.

*Its high quality is suitable for those who feel anxiety about too cheap items made in other countries.

*The design is simple and easy to match any motorcycles.

*Its durability is high.



This meeting has not finished actually. This study meeting is going to be continued. This time, I learned about just the tip of the iceberg! From the next time, the deeper story will be waiting.

Kunimi Commerce’s staff who taught us, thank you very much!

(They gave me G·U·M set for travelling as souvenir!)


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