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An innovative urban transport solution, the J300 seamlessly blends sport, control, comfort and convenience, and wraps it all in a distinctive design that makes it instantly recognisable as a Kawasaki. The result is a package that will appeal to sports-minded riders looking for daily dose of fun from their commute.

Displacement : 299 cm³           Maximum power : 20.3 kW {28 PS} / 8,000 rpm



Key Features


  • 299 cm3 liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Single

Designed to enable enjoyable, sporty riding, the J300’s a 299 cm3 liquid-cooled SOHC 4-valve Single engine provides plenty of power to move two.


  • Specially designed floorboards

Floorboards are specially designed to allow a good bank angle, contributing to the J300’s sporty riding potential. To facilitate the reach to the ground when stopped, they also feature concave cut-outs to minimise interference with the rider’s legs.



  • 14” front, 13” rear wheels

Wheel size selected to offer riding stability on European city streets.



  • Integrated turn signals

Front and rear turn signals are built into the bodywork. Clear lenses help them blend into the design seamlessly, enhancing the sharp body lines.



  • Sealed glove box with 12V outlet

Sealed glove box at the front can accommodate small items (maximum load 1.5 kg) and includes a 12V accessory outlet.



  • Heel grips

Heel grips make it easier to hold the bike the heels, facilitating control.



  • Folding passenger footpegs

Motorcycle-style folding passenger pegs also contribute to passenger comfort. Easier to weight than board-type footrests, they enable to the passenger to control their weight transfer when slowing.9


  • Sharp, Aggressive Design

For added braking reassurance, ABS control comes care of a lightweight Bosch unit.



  • Led Taillight

At the rear, the sharp tail cowl gives the rear of the J300 a distinctive Kawasaki appearance. Sharp taillight design similar to that of our Z models helps the J300 stand out from the rest of the mob in crowded city traffic. (Colour Shown of MY14 Model)



  • Anti-tamper, Anti-theft Ignition Switch

The ignition switch has three positions: ON, OFF and LOCKED (which locks the steering column). Ignition switch is equipped with a shutter to discourage tampering and theft. The shutter can be conveniently opened with the back of the key



  • Sporty & comfortable suspension settings

Settings selected to deliver both light, sporty handling and comfortable ride feel when navigating European city streets.


  • High-quality touches

The J300 offers a high level of fit & finish and numerous high-quality touches that contribute to its overall quality appearance. 3D brand and model emblems contribute to the high-quality image. Complementing the high-quality instrumentation, metallic paint on the sculpted handlebar cover adds a quality touch to the cockpit. Two-pattern seat cover and silver stitching contributes to the high quality appearance of the seat.



  • Under-seat storage

Under-seat storage is large enough to accommodate a full-face helmet and an A4-size briefcase – ideal for business use. Maximum load is 10 kg



  • Ergonomically contoured seat

Contoured, thickly padded seat offers excellent comfort and good rider support.15


  • Dual petal disc brakes

Front and rear disc brakes provide abundant stopping power. At the front, a 260 mm petal disc is gripped by a two-piston caliper. Stainless steel mesh brake hose contributes to direct brake feel. A 240 mm petal disc and two-piston caliper slow the rear.



  • Instrumentation

Design of the instruments contributes to a high quality image. Instruments consist of analogue speedometer and tachometer dials flanking a multi-function LCD panel. LCD meter functions include: odometer, dual trip meters, service mode, clock, fuel gauge, coolant temperature gauge, and engine warning symbol.



  • Adjustable brake levers

Left and right brake levers are both adjustable, offering riders four settings to suit hand size and preference.


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