Universal Handlebar Kit from BABYFACE

  • 21/10/2016

Available in Various Size and Angles

BABYFACE is a company that designs, manufactures and distributes motorcycle parts. They have just released universal racing handlebar kits. The handlebars have reduced offset angle and are designed to directly transmit information from the front side of the vehicle.


It took BABYFACE more than two years to develop this handlebar kit after numerous tests carried out by top riders. The product was commercialized after continuous improvement and is a new racing handlebar kit that’s the first to exist.


The handlebar is equipped with a mechanism that prevents the handlebar from falling. It is safe and also helps to ease handlebar replacement. Please note that these kits are for racing and not designed per model.

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Handlebar Kit Product Page


Handlebar Kit

*Examples how to use.

Retail Price (Base Price); Size of Front Fork & Handlebar Angle

Φ37-10 degrees:22,500JPY

Φ41-5 degrees:24,000JPY

Φ41-10 degrees:24,000JPY

Φ43-10 degrees:26,000JPY

Φ44-17.5 degrees:29,000JPY

Φ45-17.5 degrees:29,000JPY

Φ50-0 degrees:26,000JPY

Φ50-10 degrees:26,000JPY

Φ51-7.5 degrees:28,000JPY

Φ52-7.5 degrees:26,000JPY

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Handlebar Kit Product Page


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Original Source[ BabyFace ](*Japanese)



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