“Hyper S stage kit 181cc” for GROM / MSX125 / MSX125SF was released!!

  • 13/08/2019

Corresponding Model
GROM (JC61-1000001- / JC61-1300001-) · MSX125 · MSX125SF
GROM (JC75-1000001-)
Kit parts number is different depending on the corresponding model.

The Hyper S Stage Bore Up Kit is included with Sports Camshaft, FI CONT Type-E (Injection Controller) and Spark Plug in S stage Bore up kit 181cc.
You can choose from 2 types that are without Big Throttle Body (STD Throttle Body Spec) or with Big Throttle Body Kit.

■ S Stage Bore up Kit 181cc

It is a bore up kit that can change the displacement from torque to 181cc by changing cylinder and piston.
It achieves torqueful output characteristics different from STD by installing it simultaneously with FI CONTYPE-e (injection controller).
The cylinder adopts all-aluminum ceramic plating cylinder excellent in, durability, airtightness, heat dissipation.
Cylinder is painted Black
In addition, the cylinder is equipped with an oil outlet, and oil can be taken out to the oil cooler. The exclusive oil cooler kit is on sale!
Bore Diameter 63mm Stroke 57.9mm (the same with stock spec/)
The piston is adopted from two kinds of type that are the “Standard” for high octane fuel specification or the “eco” for regular gasoline.
Compression Ratio
Standard Piston 11.0: 1
eco Piston 10.5: 1)

It is high octane fuel specification.
It is exclusive parts to the competition.

[Webike Japan Product Page]
SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) x Hyper S Stage eco Big Bore Kit 181cc

■ Sports Camshaft


Power performance improves by the optimum profile to derive the performance of the stock cylinder head,
Two kinds of N-15 and N-20 are set for sports cam shaft due to difference of power characteristics.
You can choose according to the intended uses.
N-15 is decompressed specification.

■ FI CONTYPE-e (Injection Controller)


It is possible to install it only by removing and connecting the OEM ECU’s coupler. Because FI CONTYPE-e has built-in data set by our company according to our engine parts, it is an engine specification. You can easily select, change, and modify setting data using personal computer or smartphone according to your needs.

For using FI CONTYPE- e, it is necessary to have a personal computer or smart phone that is cprresponding to the conditions.
Because it is necessary to download software and applications, it is necessary to be connected to the Internet.
In the case of an application, it will be charged. Please acknowledge it beforehand. For details, please see linked pdf, or WEB SITE.


[Webike Japan Product Page]
SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) x Hyper S Stage eco Big Bore Kit 181cc

Original Source[ SP TAKEGAWA ]

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