2019 KAWASAKI Z400 Riding Impression Test (Part-2) [vs CB400SF / vs Z250]

  • 01/07/2019

2019 KAWASAKI Z400 Riding Impression Test (Part-2) [vs CB400SF / vs Z250] - 000 77 1024x576

KAWASAKI has a naked “Z” model in each displacement class from 125 to 1000 cc, which is not only a cowlless version of the Ninja but has a definite difference from the Ninja. The Z400 should be enough attractive to have a big success in the domestic market, same as the Ninja 400.

Great success with common design to the Z250, to be recommended as a 2nd-moto.

This Z400 has been added to the Z series lineup with the Z1000, the Z650, the Z250 and the Z125. Each of them has its own styling under the design concept of “Sugomi”, with a definite characteristic which is similar but not the same. And the frame of each model has its own shape and material under the common design philosophy. However, each Z model has much consistency in the direction of drivability according to my experience of riding all the Z. Simply speaking, it means that it has a wide allowable range for a rider’s skill, which is also common to the HONDA CB series, and to which KAWASAKI adds more exciting elements for riders. That makes the riding image of Z400 link to the “Sugomi” design.

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