【OGK】F-17 [F-ICHI-NANA White] Helmet

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Helmet for Motorcycles


[Standard Equipment]
Shield (part number):DAF-1RShield/Color:Clear)
・Breath guardNo.10

MFJ Certified

[Included Parts:]
・DAF Pinlock® Original Insert Lens(Quantity:1pc. )
・Window ShutterNo.5
・GC-01Liquid bottleKit


*It contains other color in the photo.
*Sizes are for reference only. Due to the design of the product, the fit may vary even with the same size indication. Please be sure to try them on before purchasing.
*The rear ventilation does not have an open/close function.
*"Anti-microbial treatment" is used in some of the interiors.
*The feeling of using the cheek pads for eyeglasses may vary depending on the shape of the eyeglasses and the shape of the face.
*About the space dedicated for intercom installation, some special shapes cannot be installed.
*Please note that the product specification may change due to manufacturer reasons.


RealRACING・AerodynamicsMODEL, which adopted Kabuto's own latest aerodynamic technology, was born!.

Omni-directional Aerodynamics to keep you focused while riding
Thorough analysis of aerodynamic drag and lift force generated in high speed conditions.

State-of-the-art Aeroforme
Kabuto's original aerodynamic device Wake stabilizer (PAT), developed by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).. No.4311691)" and a cap with a frontal projection area narrowed to the limit to reduce aerodynamic drag not only when driving straight ahead but also in crosswinds and when checking behind..
In addition, the device "Crest Spoiler (PAT)" that suppresses the force generated by the driving wind to lift the helmet, and contributes to excellent aerodynamic performance Large. The new Aeroforme (P) contributes to the maintenance of a high level of concentration at all speeds..

Crest Spoiler(PAT). P. )
By daring to disturb the airflow above the helmet to suppress the force to rise, the F-17 is a device that also contributes to the original excellent aerodynamic performance..
Adopted a bow shape to demonstrate the effect in a wide range of angles, the most prominent effect was confirmed to be DeviceSize.

Wake stabilizerPAT.
Kabuto's patented system controls the airflow near the cap while riding to reduce the load..
The original aeroform and the next generation model of a new idea idea.
Controls airflow and reduces lift and drag. Helmet is more stable at high speeds.

State-of-the-art cap molding technology and safety design
A high-strength composite material cap with excellent penetration resistance and impact absorption.. C. T. -2), and FEM (Finite Element Method) structural analysis was introduced to optimize the strength of each part..
Its incredible lightness reduces the burden on the Rider in all situations, for safety and neck comfort..

New cap structure "A. C. T. -2"
Rated A. C. T. A" structure has been further developed.. C. T. -2" structure is adopted.
In addition to clearing the MFJ's safety standards in a high dimension [color], which requires strict penetrating performance, the chin guard is also arranged with high-strength organic fiber, further improving the strength of the cap..

It captures the wind efficiently even in the corner ring posture, and the same etc. as the posture when going straight.. SIDEVentilation is used for air introduction of.
Both the opening area and the opening width are enlarged, and combined with the enlarged chin ventilation, fresh air is always taken into the inside of the helmet..

Center Lock/Biaxial RatchetShield system
New model "DAF-RRatchet" with 2-axis configuration, DAF-1RShield for quick replacement, and new integrated Trim rubber for improved sealing and quietness..
Also, it is a center lock type with a large lever, and can be opened and closed securely even with gloves attached..

At the same time as the rectification effect, Kabuto's original system to release the hot air trapped inside the helmet..
The air route that passes through the inside of the Shell and leads to the air discharge channel provided in the Rear Ventilation Fin is secured, achieving both excellent ventilation performance and weight reduction..
*RearVentilation has no open/close function.

Thoroughly tested under severe conditions, "ease of putting on and off" and "superb comfort".
The interior design was reviewed from the design concept, including the use of unique space recognition technology, and many Support riders responded that it was more comfortable to wear than previous products..
The shift from a "point Fit feeling to a wrapping Fit feeling" realizes the ultimate in comfort..

Antimicrobial finish" interior *Used in some parts
DEOFACTOR®'s "antibacterial processing" is applied to the Inner Pad outer fabric to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the fibers..
DEOFACTOR® is an antimicrobial agent that decomposes harmful substances that adhere to clothing and textiles..
*DEOFACTOR® is a special processing technology developed by KOKORO CARE.

EmergencySystem(PAT). P)* Cannot be used except in an emergency
In the event of an accident, the rescuer has to remove the helmet easily, quickly and safely, the fabric that touches the cheek remains intact by pulling out the interior urethane material..

Structure of TopAeroVentilation
The air conditioning system that releases the hot air trapped inside the helmet at the same time as the rectification effect..

FreshAir-conditioner trawl
Newly designed large air inlet to the Shell's internal air route reduces fogging and suffocation on the inside of the Shield and glasses.

Air ventilation
The air introduction area is increased to a large width compared with the conventional model..
*RearVentilation has no open/close function.

DAF Pinlock® Original Insert Lens
Keeps the temperature difference between the outside temperature and the inside of the helmet in equilibrium, and prevents the shield from fogging up..

RACINGTear-off Film installable with Shield post
The DAF-1R RACINGTear-off Film (sold separately) can be installed..

Cheek Pad for glasses
Features a cheek pad shape that allows you to wear glasses and sunglasses smoothly.
*There are individual differences depending on the shape of glasses and the shape of your face..

Space for Income installation
Set the dedicated space to Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) in advance. CableRoute is also installed for SMART Wiring.
*Some special shapes cannot be installed.

COOLMAX®&Interior Fully Removable System
It is a shield with UV cut function to protect eyes etc from harmful ultraviolet rays.
All interiors can be removed and washed..

The mouth of the space securing relaxation
IncomeIt is also effective for the installation of Microphone, and a spacious space is secured..

Window ShutterNo.5
Detachable as you like. Interior Full Detachable.

A. C. T. (High Strength Composite Material Cap)
The combination of hyper glass fiber and high-strength organic fiber has resulted in a lightweight, high-spec cap with increased strength..

Realization of fine fitting by adopting three cap bodies.

D-Shaped SteelRing Chinstrap Retaining Device.
This is a standard type suitable for harsh conditions of use such as race models..

Certified by MFJ.
MFJ Certified.



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