【Arai】VZ - RAM [Buizet Lamb Vivid Blue ] Helmet

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ระยะเวลาการจัดส่ง: 7-14 วันหลังการชำระเงิน
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Collar:Vivid Blue
■ Helmet for Motorcycle
Hat body:PB - cLc 2
Interior:High fitting · Adjustable interior (Antibacterial/deodorant/antifouling interior/adjustable by Option - patent) ดูเพิ่มเติม


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Collar:Vivid Blue
■ Helmet for Motorcycle
Hat body:PB - cLc 2
Interior:High fitting · Adjustable interior (Antibacterial/deodorant/antifouling interior/adjustable by Option - patent)


Evolution of Protection opens new tobila NEWOpeningFires limited color "Vivid Blue" It is the appearance of color.

"Dodgeability" Shield system «VAS», which creates Forme to further increase it, was first installed in Open Face.

■ Forme
Pursuit of smooth Forme which makes it easy to shock impact
Since there is a limit to the energy size that can be absorbed by any Helmet, in real life case there is only limited Large Energy.So shape is also smooth Forme which makes it easy to shock and ARAI pursue a tough hat body Until now Shield attachment part needed a slight step to open and close.In order to improve the performance to pass the shock more, lower the Shield installation part by approx. 14mm with the proven Snel standard testLine as a guide , Helmet realized a smoother forme of the temporal part.

■ VAS - ZShield system
Newly developed Shield system to realize ideal Forme
Lowering the position of the shield system means lowering the shield mounting part to a position that can not be opened or closed originally.The point that becomes the shield rotation axis of the SZ - Ram 4 is 1 point, while the "VAS (Vas) The axis of rotation of -Z "exists as a virtual axis on the helmet.First rail based on the virtual axis and the second rail with the shield attachment part as the rotation axis when opening and closing the shield, The guide hook is variable and it is possible to do by the combination of this dual rail track.This "VAS - Z" makes it possible to open and close the shield while lowering the position of the shield system.

■ PB-cLcSquare cap body
SF1 dedicated helmet SFBProtection born from Technology
SFB born in the development process of Helmet for F1 (Super Fiber Belted) Protection.ARAI The original SUPERFiber Belt is arranged in parallel with the upper window Cutline to enhance the rigidity In case of emergency, it is important to suppress the spread of Crack, which is likely to occur when this special Belt receives a strong impact at the opening it can.
Array principally uses the exclusive use of the latest super fiber which is expensive material cost six times more than ordinary fiberglass.It increases fiber density than usual fiberglass and tensile strength · compression Special glass fiber which is 40% higher in both strength and strength, was born as a result of further refinement and the latest latest material of Alai. "Head protecting performance" In addition, it is an optimum material that makes up a tough and sticky cap body indispensable.In addition, it is an optimum material which is combined with a light weight organic material AR mat (Internal material) Also improves to new ones with superior adhesion to the new super fiber and enhances the strength.
Also, using the same resin as the Flagship model , we pursued a robust yet lightweight construction.ShellExpert with advanced technology carefully incorporated one by one to create a cap body, "Stiffness" "Lightness" "Stickiness" Has evolved into the strongest cap body that realized.

Multistage foaming buffer liner
ARAI proprietary MDL technology to make the most suitable hardness for the part
Even though it is a single molded liner, MDL that changes the expansion ratio with the most suitable hardness for each part and integrally molds it (Multi Density Liner) Technique. The ideal cushioning effect is demonstrated by using foams with different hardness suitable for each of the head top, temporal part, occipital region, forehead, according to the area to which the impact is applied Using numerous helmets Based on the data of the fall test that we did, we tuned the range of use finely, and furthermore we added that hybrid liner to <54/55-56> <57-58/59-60> <61-62> Shell of each shell, finely adjust the setting.This is the only one in the world that can mold this ideal liner integrally.

■ Low center of gravity design cap body
Balance the center of gravity in millimeters, feel the lighter body lighter

The human head is about 5 kg (Adult boys) But in everyday life we ​​are never conscious of the weight of the head because the head rides well on Balance at the base of the neck near its center of gravity.
VZ-RAM is around 1400 g (59-60Size) However, since the center of gravity of Helmet is made to come around the center of gravity of the head, when wearing it should feel much lighter than the weight.
At the design stage of the hat body/liner, we return to Zero, about 2mm in front and behind from SZ - Ram 4, 2mm spreading on the ceiling of the liner (57-58/59-60Size) , We reanalyzed the center of gravity Balance again to reduce low center of gravity to reduce fatigue.

■ Diffuser Type 12
Equipped for RACINGHigh spec
Equipped with the same Diffuser as developed for Race as it is on Open Face.The evolution of the Spoiler function combined with Fixed Type Aero fins further reduces the turbulence behind in the high speed region.The intake efficiency Diffuser Type 10 (SZ-Ram4) Up 19% up.
With the Large type Switch, it can also reliably adjust the Air intake amount at the time of full opening and half opening, and the soundproofing and rainproof performance at the time of fully closing is improved, the latest DiffuserSystem combining quietness and operability.

■ IC Duct 5
Reliable operation with Large type switch and adjustment of Air inhalation amount at full opening/half opening
Review air intake opening that takes in Air Delta Duct 5 (SZ-Ram4) Approximately 11% of the inhalation volume Up.Switch is made Large and more reliable operation is possible even with thick Gloves.In accordance with the running situation, it is possible to select two types, half open and full open, · Latest Air Inn Ventilation which has drastically improved rainproof performance.

■ AeroStabilizer (Fixed Type Aero fin)
Excellent effect in arranging the turbulence behind
It was designed aiming at the maximum speed at Race "Aero · Fin" Excellent effect in arranging the turbulence behind.Developed quietness and suction efficiency "RACINGDiffuser" With the synergistic effect of Helmet, it suppresses the gradation of the Helmet and improves the stability.The shape, angle, Position is verified so that the rectification effect required for the Turing can be demonstrated to the maximum Large, along with improvement of comfort, It is designed to reduce the burden.

■ Blow Ventilation
Ventilation which can induce refreshing feeling by efficiently guiding the air in the forehead to improve the cooling effect
Derived Fresh Air taken from the Blow shutter to the forehead through Inner duct Cool-down powerful around the forehead, easy to sweat.

■ NENozzle · Side duct 7
Utilizing the negative pressure at the time of running, it also suppresses the occurrence of turbulence while discharging hot air at the back of the head

Keeps the inner environment of Helmet comfortable by vigorously discharging the heat with air around the ears and the air stagnant at the back of the head from the exhaust Nozzle of Neck pad by using the negative pressure during traveling. Furthermore, the exhaust Air also suppresses the occurrence of the turbulence of Rear and contributes to the stabilization of Helmet Synergistic effect with further enhances the exhaust efficiency of the lower part and strongly discharges by the negative pressure Nozzle area of ​​the Neck part By easing it, it is easier to wear off.

■ VAS-Z Blow Shield
Anti-fog "Pin Lock Seat" Shield that can be installed is Standard Equipment

New seasons compatible NEWShield system "VAS-Z Blow Shield" capable of obtaining visibility in a wider running scene as well as the season and the weather is called Standard Equipment (Anti-fogging "Pin Lock Seat" can be installed with Option).
With Pin Lock Seat, even when it is cold or rainy, Shield is not cloudy and always [Color] Secure clear field of view. 0.8mm thick Pin Lock Seat with its own moisture adsorbent coated (Option) In close contact with the inner side of the Shield with a Silicon seal, an insulation layer made of air is formed between Shield and Pin Lock Seat to level out the temperature difference between the inside and the outside, thereby exhibiting excellent anti-fogging effect.

■ PROShade · System (Option)
Bring comfort to Touring, can be converted to PROShade · System

If you raise the shade, it intercepts the sunlight during backlighting "peak" If you lower the shade, "Smoke shield" "Shade system" which makes long touring comfortable. In backlight, without changing your hand from the handlebar, you can change the angle of the neck and the field of vision spreads "peak" The same feeling as a sun visor of a car As a smoke shield, there are times when it is safe rather than suddenly getting darker in front of you.In addition, the ratchet mechanism makes it possible to set the two positions of the fully open position and the intermediate position Peak position can be selected so that clear visibility according to driving conditions can be secured, such as being able to cope without lowering the shade completely for the lower Sunday.
"Smoke Shield" It is a safety design that can operate without looking for Lever, such as when going into a dark Tunnel, etc. It is also a safety design that can secure visibility quickly.In addition, the angle raising Shade improves "rectification effect" Reduce Drag, stabilize the whole of the Telemet and suppress the Wind Cutting sound.
It is also a system that sticks to Protection, without incorporating a structure inside Helmet and not having any influence on the safety performance of outstanding Helmet.

■ VAS - Zrelease lever
Arm mounted for more reliable operation

Shield It is unnecessary to install tools etc. for attaching and detaching, it can be done more easily by the release lever provided at the bottom of Arm and it also improves reliability.In particular, it is much smoother than the SZSeries in wearing.

■ EcoPure - interior
Newly developed full system interior with antimicrobial, deodorant, antifouling performance, keeping it weakly acidic as the skin
Maintain the same weak acidity as interior fabric for interior fabric "PHControl" Functional "EcoPure -" "Antibacterial function" to suppress growth of bacteria, "deodorant function" to absorb and neutralize the sweat component Ammonia to prevent smell, "antifouling function" to keep the attached sebum dirt clean and keep clean To have. The skin of a weakly acidic person causes sweat and soap and biases the skin to Alkali nature, causing bad bacteria to proliferate, causing odor and rough skin.EcoPure is sweat on the interior, sweat left on the skin Is also weakly acidic.

■ EP Full System Interior
Adjustment function, renewed interior frame
System interior, more Fixed Type interior, "Deep and soft" We aimed at the interior wrapping around the whole, reconsidering the shape of the top of the head Pad.It is a newly developed System interior that also combines shape that does not collapse with hair style and position adjustment, removability and Adjustable function with SIDE part thickness adjustable.

Adjustment of more delicate Fit feeling around the head
Adjustable · System interior
System interior Pad part, removable "Adjustment Pad" By removing the adjustment Pad, the temporal part is about 4mm (One side) If you feel stiff in the Standard Spec., You can easily fine-tune the size of your head.

■ Ear Cup
FCS structure of Fit sense to wrap up from the lower jaw

With a sense of stability in the high-speed region and high comfortable feeling, ARII's Fit feeling highly appreciated by Top racer including Moto-GP, F-1, etc. Fit feeling of that feeling is also fed to Open Face Back.
The New Model interior decorating the basic shape of enveloping the head to the cheek Bottom and uniformly holding the whole head uniformly.It is structured to increase the adhesiveness to the cheek lower part within the Ear Cup, Wrapped up from, I realized a gentle Fit feeling hard to shake even at high speeds.
In addition, Waterproof · sound absorbing malt is arranged in Pad.It suppresses the infiltration of rain from the under when running in rainy weather, makes Noise from the bottom such as Tire and Engine Mild, suppresses sound fatigue in long riding In addition, it is also a Pad structure that you can adjust by yourself for Fit adjustment and glasses.

Adjustment of more delicate fit feeling on cheeks
Adjustable・Ear Cup
The System pad part contains a removable "Adjustment Pad" By arranging this Parts, it is about 5mm (One side) If you feel stiff in your cheeks with Standard Spec., You can easily fine-tune your face's Size.

I can process it to Ear Cup for my glasses myself
Slit for Glasses
If you are using glasses and it is difficult to put glasses strings in Helmet, you can process them for your glasses by Ear Cup of VZ - RAM.The Sponge contains a dedicated Slit, If you cut off the triangle part, you can insert a thick string into Smooth.

■ Income speaker compatible
Secure intercom speaker storage space
The shock buffer liner of the VZ-RAM is designed to increase the liner area more than the SZSeries in view of improving the temporal protection, but the ears are molded to ensure the space that can accommodate Intercom speakers. It is easy to customize the installation of the user himself/herself properly, it is well-fit and easy to wiring. Also, when installing the Intercom speaker, the speaker base is installed to make the speaker Unit easier to mount by setting Flat to fill the step of the liner of the ear part.

■ HelmetSize fine adjustment
Option can change head size and cheek size
Quantity the interior with different thickness:By setting it, you can adjust the size around the head and the cheek. For the person who feels partial tightness and looseness, Option is prepared for fine adjustment of the size of the head and the cheeks, in the Standard Spec. And Ear Cup thickness options are available, but if you are going to replace, check the thickness of the interior decorated as standard, please choose.