【KOMINE】JK-117 Protect Full Mesh Jacket Gimon

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    I like the style and color of the goods. Let's first talk about the disadvantage of Komine jk117, which is whether the work needs improvement or not. The advantage is that it is very comfortable to wear, well fitted, breathable and very protective. In a word, it is still very satisfactory. I hope that the website can provide some instant contact tools to facilitate users to ask questions. I'll be here again in the next time. Because first of all is the product, and the price is good. Thank the merchant for the service!!!

    I purchased it as Jacket which is comfortable in the summer and Protection is solid. Elbow, shoulder, chest, back is a hard Protector Standard Equipment. You can ride with confidence in Fit feeling well.

    The reason for purchasing this time is to reduce Damage when falling down this time. Komine's Jacket is the easiest to receive Damage, and the piece is fitted with Plastic Hard Protector, so you can rest assured. Also Protector made of plastic in the chest is a standard equipment, back is also equipped with a soft protector and is a full protection wearing one.
    Since it is a premise for use in the summer, I chose Full Mesh. Full Mesh is cool as the wind passes through the arms and side flanks while driving, but since there is a Protector made by Pura on the chest, the wind escape is not good.
    Although the Soft protector on the back can be tightly attached even if it is bent forward, it is still hot as there is also insulation effect as well as poor wind escape.
    These are exchanges with safety, so I thought it was OK.
    There was also no problem at all for sewing.
    In addition, this performance deserves a special mention at a price cut by 1 Yukichi.
    I can now riding with confidence when wearing this.

    ? 【What made you decide the purchase?】
    Where Cost performance looks good

    ? 【How was it actually used?】
    There is also a more coarse Mesh, but this item is hard to see through because its eyes are not coarse.
    Also, since it is made so that there is Mesh of the lining only for the part of Protector, I think it is lighter and cooler than the one with the lining. Just not getting used, Protector lining on some people (Shaped shape like a bag) It may be cumbersome to get caught when you wear. I have no problem.

    ? 【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Any

    ? 【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 Any

    ? Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) ]
    Height 176 Weight 96 Athletic system is about 120 chest circumference It is a feeling that there is little more than Exactly in 3XL. It seems that Ron T can be afforded even if it is layered repeatedly.
    ? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
    Color is slightly different from the image. The color is not White like the picture, it is a color between Gray and Ivory, Silver is say Silver.

    ? [Request to Manufacturer - Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 Required

    ? 【Have you compared items?】
    I use the same Komine's LEGENDMesh jacketPlus, but it feels cooler than that. I thought it was for midsummer and I bought Silver black.
    Also, KOMINE Komine : JK - 014 Riding Mesh Jacket - LEGEND and KOMINE Komine : I was at a loss as JK - 098 Cool Mesh Jacket Screw Mark. I also tried on JK - 100 at the store but I felt a little cramped

    ? [Others] Any


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