【GIVI】Mono Lock Case E300NT2 TECH

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คะแนนวีไบค์: 57





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วัสดุของตัวเครื่อง : พี. พี
ขนาด : ลึก 400 มม. x กว้าง 410 มม. x สูง 300 มม
น้ำหนัก : ประมาณ 3.0 กก (ฐาน)
ความจุ : 30 ล


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    • Universal


    I guess it is really a good product,
    I do not know whether the key is in or I can not open it.
    I do not mean that I do not know how to use.

    Also, part of Clear black (Part of both SIDE of product photo) There is a Black Ichi, but I think that it is a nail or something, but what I received is Coking's chat and Clear black is messed up.

    Mr. WEBIKE There are many problems with the items that I recently received, but are you inspecting it?

    I liked Design and Large Kimono, I was pleased that I could buy cheaply Large, but I could not firmly fix the installation of UniversalBase and Body firmly.
    Also, with installation of Case and Base, I do not know what state the semi-lock state is.
    Falling of Body becomes an uneasy material at high speed driving
    As I understand later, it is necessary for our car body to have its own Base. This will be close to 30,000 yen.
    In that case, the person who attached the top case of the OEM abandoned the installation thinking whether it was easy to look and was safe even at high speed driving.
    If you have a car body fitted with Flat Carrier I think you can secure it firmly even on UniversalBase.
    For low-speed mopeds orScooter? I want to display the corresponding speed.

    I installed the Base using the front two screw holes of the OEM rack.

    I fixed pretty firmly, so I will stop Tying Band for the time being.

    Since it is uneasy in high-speed driving etc, we will consider fixing method in the future.

    The capacity is also 30 ?, the appearance is black, and it looks as though it looks as good as OEM Product.

    The installation of Base and Body is One-touch, but whether it is in the semi-locked state or firmly locked

    I can not make a decision. (The unlock Button does not come to the explanatory position. )

    It is inconvenient for me to not be able to remove the key when the Case lid is in the Unlock state.

    Rainwearetc. I loaded 4 ~ 5? Luggage and tried mountain slope for about 2 hours,

    There was no big impact on Body and running. It's ok if we do not have more heavy items than we need.

    Costa is a perfect score because it is one tenth of OEM's price in price.

    【What made you decide the purchase?】

    I bought it for my family.
    I had 30 L and 47 L of GIVI so it necessarily became GIVI's thing.

    Since family vehicles are Slim vehicles, about 30 liters are just right for day trips and ease of use and ease of use.

    Capacity is Small when it is over night, so I bought 37 L at the same time.
    37L is used for over night stay.

    【How was it actually used?】

    30L is the best Balance, I feel good usability.
    A day trip is enough because there is so much luggage.

    However, there are times when it is a bit insufficient to bring warm clothes such as the turn of the season,
    Because there is a high possibility that you will not enter when you buy something at the Touring destination, I always have Net.

    Also, putting luggage will increase the weight, so Winding has a slight incongruity when installed. I was not particularly concerned except when you did not put much baggage or Winding.

    【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】

    Since I just attached it to Base that was originally installed,
    There was nothing difficult..
    If you have installed even BOX, it's very convenient because you can freely change Box.

    However, since the Base of Mono-lock and Monokey are different, I think that it is better to align them with the same Type.

    【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】

    When attaching the Base, I think that it is good to install the gold pieces horizontally and vertically so as not to shift vertically and laterally, respectively.
    I think that it can be mounted more firmly than making it difficult to shift only in one direction.

    [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]

    There was not any problem.

    【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]

    I feel GIVI's thing has many strange designs.
    I think that one that matches any car with a bit more calm design is good.

    【Have you compared items?】
    There is none.

    For use in commuting, SEROW 250 (S Saburo) It attached to. Although I understand selling, I hesitated to purchase because there were few reviews. Because Rev Recta is Black color, I'm matching to SEROW. Capacity, ARAI's Size XL Helmet (SZ ram 4) It is good with batch.
    This is also Mar because it is easy to desorb. I have been wearing it since I installed it. Excellent in CostPuff romance, installation is also completed in 30 minutes. The rest is 2 Buttons where you can divide your preference, but it does not matter if you get used to it. Even the typhoon that hit Tohoku, Waterproof nature was not a problem at all.

    The color of Reflector was not good, so it was good, so I made this, when I install it in the Motorcycle it seems Large, but since it's capacity 30L it is almost full if you insert Helmet.
    Case is easy to desorb and can be removed when not in use, but it is likely to stay on forever.