【BORE ACE】Change Accent

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สี: ดำเคลือบอะโนไดซ์
อะไหล่ OEM


วัสดุ : Duralumin คัตเอาท์
* จำเป็นต้องเปลี่ยนฝาครอบเฟืองมาตรฐาน. (ฝาครอบเฟืองมาตรฐานของรุ่น -02 สามารถติดตั้งได้โดยการประมวลผล)
ติดตั้งได้กับรถที่ถอด Sprocket Cover
* Standard Sprocket Cover ของรุ่น 03- สามารถติดตั้งได้โดยการแปรรูปและใช้ชุดปลอกคอ


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    It is the only one in the SR area where there are many apparently only Parts, a serious Manufacturer developing functional parts.
    It may be something you are asking why you are going to scrape away so far though it is a part that you can not see at all if attached.
    Shift change is "Dramatically" It will be improved.
    Even though NORMAL was not particularly dissatisfied, this can be operated with accuracy as high as Rear Sets for Ducati such as AERA.
    Even if you attach it, no one notices it, so you can not do it, but you know someone who is groaned Parts.

    <Evaluation point>
    The shift accuracy of Shift Pedal is improved. In particular - Improvement effect of Shift touch is clear between 1st speed ⇔Neutral ⇔ 2 speed which is heavy in departure.
    It almost never got into Neutral when it was not intended and the Stress of Shift change decreased.
    In addition, the product comes with a simple installation Instruction Manual.

    Since our SR is the SR that entered the 85th year of the year, there is a possibility of aged deterioration of Shift shaft related Parts, and it is even more "Change Accent" It may have felt the effect of.
    I do not know the new SR's Shift touch, and each one of the Condition's different SR "Change Accent" It depends on the individual difference of SR.

    <Actual installation> (The method differs according to the year)
    ? Drive sprocket cover processing
    "Change Accent" Has a thickness of 10 mm, "Change Accent" Cut the vicinity of Bolt hole of fixed part by 10 mm. Sprocket cover is Aluminum, so you can easily cut it with Gold Noko, finished with File.
    ? Material in the Shift shaft : Rubber Sea Ring boots "Change Accent" We cut the thickness of 10 mm and used it.

    I think that the price is somewhat high, but it is unavoidable because it is not a large quantity product produced by SR dedicated Parts.
    The method of physically restricting useless movements other than the rotation of the Shift shaft in this Parts is reasonable and I felt that Ideas would be the one who knows the SR really well.

    I mounted Shinkansen Rear Sets and improved Shift feel, but I installed it expecting even better. As I said before, I get the impression that the Stroke at the time of SHIFT UP & Down has decreased slightly. There is no dramatic change like changing to another Motorcycle, but I think that Shift feel has improved a bit. I think whether it is good if I do not feel dissatisfied at the moment.

    I purchased it with Exclusive Collar for the above-mentioned year formula.
    Sprocket cover Body is unprocessed, but it disconnects Rubber Bush and removes it and replaces it with Color, so irreversible processing is somewhat necessary.
    The installation itself is easy, but because the handling explanation is insufficient it got slightly lost.

    I can feel that the Touch of Shift change after installation has changed, but it was not such a drastic change.

    I think that it is effective for vehicles that are pretending to be Shift in old age and vehicles of Rear Sets.
    Moreover, I think that it is possible to expect to some extent the effect of reducing the load from the change lever from the principle and preventing play from coming in the future.

    In the case of a relatively new year type vehicle with Normal step, if I feel difficult to enter GEAR, I think I should replace the engine oil first.

    Regarding price, I think that it would be inappropriate if I think about making it, but since it is simple, I thought it would be a little cheaper.

    I installed it in the SR 400.

    As it was SR of some age,
    I tried purchasing it.

    Impression attached,
    Shift operation is a bit steady?
    It is like feeling..

    It seems to be disappointing, but my effect was a little Large at the OEMRear Sets who was a bit lost. OEMMid step may not feel the effect. After that, I exchanged for Bore AceRear Sets and it got even better. ScarperScauperGEAR is entered like Rear Sets + Change Accent like another Motorcycle.