【KOMINE】กางเกง Full Year Riding AIR PK-716

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    I tried using it from afternoon to evening at an air temperature of 28 degrees.
    Peach Mesh feels cooler than fabric feeling rather than feeling the wind. Sune comes in properly!

    Until I use this, I get on Denim pants and I got a fever from Mr. Moro as a hot jerky coming out. If you run, there is no problem but if there are many signals Large change. The knee Guard is properly adjustable in height.

    Clothes etc with Net etc etc. I will have trouble in choosing Size to buy. I am deciding Size by referring to Impre. Height 160 ?, weight 48 ?, Waist 68? S was Just fit. I thought about M, but I stopped it if the height and MAX's Waist Size were too large. From now on, I would like to use it for Large.

    There are various functional devises, and it is quite a high level item for price. I have a single size like me, there is also a bit size Size for short legs. it's recommended. However, it is better to devise an underwear in winter.

    【What made you decide the purchase?】
    KOMINE's PK-729 Protect Riding Mesh Pants 3D was used for the whole summer.
    It has been a jeans since I wore Tights with Protector in my spring, fall and winter.
    Since autumn I decided to make it Riding Pants, I was satisfied with PK - 729, so I purchased PK - 716.

    【How was it actually used?】
    The comfort is good.. I can concentrate on Riding.
    I have experienced a fall when I wear PK-729, but I have experience saying that it was intact with the Protector of KOMINE.
    The same Protector is included in PK - 716, so there is a sense of security.

    【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) ]
    height : 166 CM, body weight : It is 69 KG.
    Size chose LB. The stomach was perfect.
    Protector is below the knee, but it gets settled down on the knee when it gets pulled up a bit and then goes over the Motorcycle. It's strange, once you set it you will not fall until you take it off.
    The hem is slightly somewhat tasted. It is a little disturbing when you do IN with Long boots, but it is no problem if it is Shoes.

    [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
    A fine thing, the ability to open Zipper and become Mesh Pants is unnecessary for those who have Mesh Pants.
    Those who excluded this function and raised the windbreak performance were happy.

    【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if there are any improvement points】 Required
    Although Zipper which is connected with the outerwear is attached to Pants, I checked which Jacket it is connected with this Pants, but after all I did not understand.
    I think that it would be better for you to disclose more information positively about this neighborhood.

    【Have you compared items?】
    RS TAICHI RS Taichi : RSY 248 DRYMASTER Cargo Pants and I had trouble to the end.
    I chose PK-716 from the point that price and Protector's performance was unknown.

    After all, I often chose KOMINE in Cost performance, but I have not been betrayed until now.
    I think that it is worthy of evaluation that providing a good one cheaply.

    I have been using this same thing for about 5 years, since the Fastener in the hem was damaged, I bought a new one.
    Compared with the previous one, KOMINE 's Logo became Large, Waist' s Button changed form, and Jacket and
    Fastener to connect is added.

    Completely Mesh Type Although it is certain that the streets of the wind are bad, Underwear is enough to deal with it.
    Also, in the middle of the winter, I use Over Pants, and other than that, considering that we have three matches for Mesh and spring and autumn
    It is Reasonable to spend 3 Seasons with this.

    In the spring and autumn morning day and day when the temperature change is in the Large time, you can respond by opening and closing only Fastener of Mesh switching.

    Height 178cm Weight 85kg Waist It was JUST at 2XL with a figure of 95cm in shape.

    181 cm, 72 kg, Waist Size of everyday wear Pants was perfect for the middle-aged father of 85 cm.
    I adjusted the position of Protector on the knee.


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