【KITACO】75cc LIGHT Bore Up Kit

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It may be a bad finish

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There was no problem asking on August 19th, this time Kit was about 50 kilometers, and I burned lightly. Setting was a bit dense, so I think that it will not get burned at first. Perhaps the finishing of the product was bad. In such a case, how can I do it right? I was hurried so I procured parts individually this time, but I am a Honda exclusive store.


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simple and convenient -- probably, to those who want to run that it is earnest and fast, it is unsatisfactory, because a tune! However, since torque up is carried out certainly, delivery time shortening of every morning is trustworthy! Incidentally it is touch as PC20 carburetor, an external power filter, a normal muffler, and 15 dishes of drive sprockets.

[a Webike Monitor] -- the High cam and the Big cab were also attached from before

attachment -- it is -- the surroundings tune of high rotation is also good so so.
attachment is also easy, and if there is fundamental knowledge, I will think whether anyone is attached according to a description. It went up, so that the Power could also be felt, although it is 75 CC.

Since the attached description had a legible figure, even if not cared at the time of decomposition, it has worked with no problem. Since compression had already fallen out at the time of
used car purchase, the engine performance of the product itself cannot be evaluated.

The drawing actually firm in work sticks and it is legible, and work also progresses to a Smooth and is very satisfactory.
In the direction to be purchased from now on, it is a recommended Parts. It has for carrying out study attached by itself, and is deep.

The Kit was built into the CUB PRESS for the first time. since there was a Manual of
attachment, work has been completed in comfort (still taming -- etc. -- although adjustment is not ready yet ...). The Torayuki volume (volume on waist top) and Service manual of the
KITACO needed to be referred to for the details of

Although it does not become [ to ] precocious since it considered, but the Torque up is certainly carried out at this price. It is satisfied!
The touch which rode is a so so Torque!
It still tames, and although it is inside, I would like to turn to full admission early.

I think that a bad point may have a little more detailed description. Since there was a difference of the Clearance (in0.05ex0.07 or 0.08) of the Tappet currently written to the after [
] description and the Clearance (in0.05ex0.05) currently written to the key, I want you to become brave to a slight degree. although
we arranged by in0.05ex0.05, we do not have an allophone, either -- a Normal cab -- it was able to run ordinarily with the Idling by the no Setting mostly! It becomes easier to ride than 50 cc! For a light horsepower Up, I think right or wrong (^-^)

[Webike Monitor] Since it is not asking for
maximum high speed, durability is considered and a 75-cc Bore up kit is purchased.

It is safe Brando and is this price. It is a delightful limitation.

It is as expected in general. Probably, it is good for a guide to
, since the
> assembly is also easy and a Bore up can be carried out easily.

Because NORMAL is insufficient, bo is up to 75cc

Since all the necessary items are prepared, Kit is a kit that anyone can put together by carefully looking at the Instruction Manual

Even with Torque Torque tighten you do not need special tools

Because Piston becomes Large as compared with NORMAL, KICK becomes heavy as a matter of course and KICK thinks that it will become necessary to strengthen Clutch as Clutch slides because it knocks KICK

The feeling of riding is that Torque will be stronger to another thing, but since the fastest speed is almost the same as 50 cc, we recommend that you change the Cam / GEAR ratio if you want speed

I am recommending that you buy KITACO made by Wei Big though various boost kit of this hand including overseas products are appearing

【What made you decide the purchase?】 A reasonable performance Up and affordable price.
【How was it actually used?】 NORMAL ratio 1. Torque up is about enough to climb the slope that has dropped to the 2nd speed with 5 times the Engine Displacement Volume gently while accelerating at 3rd speed.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 As Special Tools is not required, the installation itself can be handled very easily if you have fiddled with the Engine. Even a novice begin thinking that something will happen if you buy information with Net and look into work.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 Minimum required tool (Spanner, Driver, Socket wrench) To prepare properly and not to substitute MONKEY Wrench, Pliers, Pliers, and to check hangs and cautions in advance with Net etc. Be careful not to damage Ring when Piston ring is installed and Piston is inserted into Cylinder.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] I purchased 12 V MODEL this time, but the Instruction Manual comes with both 6 V and 12 V MODEL Instruction Manual is included and it seems to be a source of confusion.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please tell me if there are any improvement points】 Although the Instruction Manual may be two in relation to correspondence MODEL, which Instruction Manual is the type (Model year) Corresponding to Large I think that it would be better to print it out and make it easier to understand.
【Have you compared items?】 We examined about overseas products of around 80 cc, but I was concerned about getting Gasket etc. at Overhaul and passed it.
[Others] The first thing to raise MONKEY's modification is Bore up. The most popular is 88 cc, but if you make Large so far, you need to put your hands from suction and exhaustion to undercarriage. This product is 75 cc and Engine Displacement Volume is Small Normal cab - It is a product of exactly Engine Displacement Volume that Normal muffler can be handled with just Setting and it is possible to make a power up there. I'm Exactly for me wanting to emphasize NORMAL's appearance. The making is equivalent to OEM, there is no BALI of processing etc, with the Gasket kind necessary for work, the price is surprisingly Reasonable It is a perfect product for beginners and those who want to mess with a bit.

Installation is calm and not so difficult.

Some neat tool.
I think Torque wrench is Large if it is durable.

Impression after installing,
The maximum speed is the same as at 50 cc
Torque is much easier to ride.

In a steep slope, the speed may be about 50 km, depending on the usage situation, but in most cases it is likely to run without deficiency.

It seems to be a little nice if you can get the Carburetor setting firmly.

Drive sprocket changed to 15t.
As the number of revolutions decreases when traveling at 5-60 km, it has become easier to ride.

My LITTLE CUB was originally 4 in the 4th speed Chain link number was 100.

I bought 16t Sprocket for the first time, but Chain did not enter short.
I'd like to try it as Chain grows a bit more.

Thank you for your early correspondence to arrive the next day after ordering.
Even though the price is reasonable, I felt more comfortable to ride than I had in Torque up, but it did not change at the fastest speed.

75CC Bo Up Kit attached, installation was very large strange but high rotation does not turn but Torque has increased and it is very easy to ride.

Installation can be done easily by removing the Leg cover and letting Carburetor escape.

All the necessary equipment is attached. All I need is Oil to paint tools and Piston. Removal of Normal piston and Oil replacement is not necessary if it is only for installation.

As the feel I tried after installing, Power is coming out, Morimori comes out. The speed did not rise but Power came to come out. You can also start with 3rd gear! (We weighing 70 kg)

However, depending on how you open Throttle, you will need to adjust Air Screw and Slow Jet as Air will run out of charge.
You can prevent Stall by drilling to Air cleaner Cover without making Air Screw adjustment.
Three holes are open in NORMAL, but by opening the last one, you will not be stalling.

I think that it is worthwhile to work with others and it is also worthwhile as a part that teaches the pleasures of Motorcycle messing.
Recently I got used to Power, so it seems next time I want to put High Camshaft.

LITTLE CUB : We introduced it to 4 speed with Cell motor

I was able to install it without problems.
Since I have also introduced it to other vehicles, I chose this as well this time

Durability is still unknown but probably no problem.

What is worrisome is that the shape of Piston clip is not c type
I think that it is easy to keep the Clip at G type

KITACO's cheat notes were better understood.

I diverted Knock Pin but it is hard to remove with high probability.
It is better to be purchased separately if you are concerned because it will deform or hurt.

The discount rate fluctuates frequently.

We introduced it to MAGNA 50

Because the quality of the product is also high and it is low price I think that it is recommended for the first Bore up.

There is no complain about Piston clip is hard to hold.

Since you can not demonstrate performance to the maximum level with Bore up alone
Custom such as Big cab and High Camshaft will also become necessary.

Rather than seeking the Bore up speed from NORMAL to 75CC, the two-step Right fold and the departure from the 30KM limit

It's a short walk solely comfortable, not going to long distance Touring exclusively.

It is not difficult to install, but troublesome laborious and troublesome hands also become dirty Shop to ask for replacement Replacement fees high

If you like machine tactile, plastic model or radio control, you can enjoy it.

Quantity Bore Up Kit, Big cab and Front Sprocket 15T : I installed it with Set, but acceleration at start is good. After that, how is the durability.

Rather than seeking the Bore up speed from NORMAL to 75CC, the two-step Right fold and the departure from the 30KM limit

It's a short walk solely comfortable, not going to long distance Touring exclusively.

It is not difficult to install, but troublesome laborious and troublesome hands also become dirty Shop to ask for replacement Replacement fees high

If you like machine tactile, plastic model or radio control, you can enjoy it.