Pack Up N’ Ride! Special Offer for Touring Gear

  • 20/04/2016


Though the bike is ready, are you ready for the road? We offer tons of riding gear for adventure riders in this weekly sale. If you are looking for some additional equipment for your next trip, better check out our store for the best one that suit you. Leading brand like TANAX, GOLDWIN, SW-MOTECH, GIVI, HJC, AGV, Yellow Corn etc. are waiting for you.

TANAX MOTOFIZZ is a brand which releases various touring goods. The touring bag is tough and easy to deal and mount. This is a standard item which many riders use in Japan.


GOLDWIN releases riding items supported not only by Japanese but also Europeans. They are proud of a various lineups like the jackets, pants or gloves equipped with stylish design and function


SW-MOTECH provides original parts applicable to various models. They have various items indispensable to touring scenes, such as tank bags or engine guards


GIVI lineups items like hard cases from Italy. They manage from a design to production throughout. Their tail boxes adopted as a genuine option are reliable.


The US best-selling helmets from HJC! Its high quality shown in the design of the hat body has been demonstrated by many top athletes of road race, motocross, or free style motocross, etc


For the coming years, AGV has stood beside the glory of numerous historical world championships. Their helmets have “functional beauty” and unique graphical designs that stand out at races.


YELLOW CORN is a famous brand in Japan also. Lasting materials are used for their motorcycle gears, which are designed especially for riders, and their style is well accepted by so many motorcycle fans



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