Find Your Style! Weekly Sale Apparels!

  • 01/06/2016


Various motorcycle styles go together with different type of apparels. Some apparels are for touring, some are for dirt bike etc. You need to find the one that matches with your motorcycle. Rainy season is here, so why not find some waterproof jacket for yourself? This week promotion has discount on many apparel brands such as, Komine, RS TAICHI, ORTLIEB, alpinestars, and Honda Riding Gear. This promotion last only one week from 1 June to 7 June. You’d better hurry!


KOMINE is a traditional Japanese riding wear manufacturer. Their wide lineup allows to match in various situations. You can surely find your best item here. Protector is completely equipped and it is a must wear for riding!



RS TAICHI is the leading apparel manufacturer in Japan. Their high quality in racing suits is loved by worldwide riders, as well as their riding jackets. Its smart shape and design is tremendously popular.



ORTLIEB produces a wide range of water-proofed messenger bags. The sizes range from convenient shopping bags, commuter bags to large sized touring bags.



Alpinestars is a motorcycle gear manufacturer in Italy. They support world-class racers positively. Admitted as an innovative brand which shows functionality and durability, comfort to wear and protective function.



Honda Riding Gear is originally Honda’s own brand. There are abundant of apparels sitting on the shelve for you to pick such as, jacket, bag, pants, glove, or even T-shirt and mechanic wear. Die-hard Honda fan should not miss this.



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