Weekly Sale! Special Price for Control Parts!

  • 11/05/2016


It is nice to have an awesome powerful bike. Nevertheless, controlling and handling are also important for every riders. Knowing this, we made a special offer for control parts for you this week! Feel free to browse our weekly sale to see leading brands like Active, Hurricane and Gcraft in a lower price. The promotion starts today, 11 May – 17 May.


HURRICANE provides a wide variation of parts necessary to make a motorcycle. The most overwhelming parts are handles, which offers all kinds of shapes and types. Select HURRICANE for the best handle.


OVER is well known by producing original frame racing machine. They gain support in their sincere manufacturing that reflects their know-hows obtained from race entry for users who are seeking high performance parts and exhausts.


ACTIVE delivers their original and worldwide top-ranking parts, such as gale speed and digital monitor, to all motorcycle loving riders.


G-craft is dealing with parts for customizing 4MINI with a special attention in every detail. The parts such as original frame and swingarm have a design that sufficiently stands a high power. The appearance is really cool!


Check out more brand on our weekly sale, here.


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