Brake Parts! 18-24 May 2016!

  • 18/05/2016


Brake is a part that plays a great role in your bike. You may get called from the officer if you stop on the white line at the intersection. Especially, stun riders that need a high quality brake for their performance. Everything comes to how good your brake parts are. If you do have one that can stop exactly where you want it to be, isn’t that wonderful? Let’s go find a good one for you during this promotion on 18-24 May!


SBS brake pad offers various items for compatible vehicle model and adopts three layer structure to show stable performance even in severe situation. Surely, you can find the most appropriate pad to match your needs.


SUNSTAR is known to create premium brake disks and drive sprockets.There are no need of explaining the quality of their products. All four major motorcycle manufacturers in Japan adopt them as OEM parts, that proves it all.


Brembo has grown to boast an overwhelming share and adopted in a various race scenes. The brand which we can recommend to all riders from a street to a circuit.


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