Show off your beloved motorcycle in Webike Thailand Custom Contest!

  • 08/03/2016
Webike custom contest


Let’s join our first event, Webike Thailand Custom Contest, and get huge rewards. Besides riding along great sceneries, customizing the motorcycle is the heart and soul of all riders for others to see. This can be considered as pride of riders as well as making others so jealous of your motorcycle.


Before we actually hold an event at the stadium or some other places, let’s have an online contest first. No need for going through sunny day in Bangkok, right? This time we recommend you to bring your “A” game, because the prizes are really awesome, and if your motorcycle can’t outstanding the others, you may get dominated easily.


Webike Thailand Custom Contest Details

  1. Create Webike Thailand account at
  2. Take 4 pictures of your motorcycle
  3. Upload them on Webike for other member to vote
  4. Pray that you will be the winner
  5. Get your prize


#1 Webike Point 10,000 points

#2 Webike Point 5,000 points

#3 Webike Point 2,500 points

#Participation prize 100 Webike points (20 prizes)

Let’s go to review Thailand motorcycle fans gallery Webike Thailand Custom Contest

Don’t forget and ready your motorcycle on 11 March!


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