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  • 15/06/2016


Having a bike is one thing, taking care of it is one another. An add-on protection is necessary for your motorcycle life and a must for you to have them. We offer a special promotion on slider, engine guard, crankcase cover, mud guard and bodywork from famous brand like Puig, Dimotiv, A-Tech and a lot more.

When you have a little boy in your care, you ought to take care of him, right? Please feel free to browse our store from 15 June to 21 June.


Puig is a Spanish origin parts manufacturer which handles various plastic parts such as RACING SCREENS. Their products such as crash pads adapts to various models.


Dimotiv manufactures various customization parts with state-of-art design and ideas. They offer high quality products with reasonable price by planning, designing, manufacturing and assembling in their own factory.


A-TECH has been engaged in body works for a various vehicles like super sports or scooters. Their products are made by using many materials from FRP to carbon. Their technique which has been tried in the race world is firm.


Chic Design is a famous brand for a wide lineup and high-quality rocket cowls and bikini cowls. The hand guard called Gauntlet is stylish and ideal for road motorcycle.


MDF specializes in motorcycle’s original graphic, and its high quality decal are easy to paste on there unique designed in each models.


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