Great Chance to Get Back What You’ve Paid!

  • 27/07/2017


Needless to say that most of Webike’s customers must be familiar with ‘Webike Cash Back Points’ that normally returns 1% of item’s price to you. These points can be used to deduct subtotal in shopping cart on your next order. 1 Webike Cash Back Points equals 1 Japanese Yen.


As a special event for this week (26 July – 1 August). Webike will give back 8%!! instead of the usual 1% to commemorate Suzuka 8 Hours 40 years anniversary and support our sponsored EWC team, EVA RT Webike TrickStar, to make it to the podium at our homeland.



For Webike’s customer who purchases our Suzuka 8 Hours Deals product will receive a total of 8% cash back point. This is a perfect chance to stock your cash back point to use in the future.



Another perk of using Webike Cash Back Points is that the point can be used with the coupon! That means you may get the item for free and only pay for the shipping fee!


Check out participating brands on 8% cash back points deal at Webike Suzuka 8 Hours Deal!

More detail on how to use the point, please visit Webike Cash Back Points page.


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