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This time I purchased Plug for carburetor adjustment.
Adjustment of carburetor on Plug running fuel rich condition may make wrong adjustment, so we have to replace dirty Plug while exchanging.
Therefore, we plan to prepare several plugs for carburetor adjustment.
NGK's plug has long-standing trust and can be used with confidence.

I purchased Iridium plugs this time.
As it is said to be the old car of the second strike, the maintenance of the electrical system is very important.
I do not know much about the change in taste while driving, but the only thing I can say for sure is that the startability has improved since Iridium plugs.
Perhaps I think that the effect appears in some form even while driving.

Good sparks, a good mixture, good compression are required for Motorcycle to run cheerfully.
In the old car, the electric system was made by the technology at the time, in the case of the terminal as it was then the resistance increased and the electricity became low.
I bought this item this time to strengthen the spark even a little.
In the 2-st old car, it became difficult for the plug to get caught and it became a proper Idling.
Old car rider recommends

Prepare a spare Plug under Seat for 2 Strike !!
This common sense has also become obsolete this time.
In winter, I used a No. 8 with the highest fuel price.
It has become warmer recently, so I bought this number 7.
It is safe with unchanged quality.

It is B7HS of a pure Plug.It is burned in light brown beautifully brown, and is a Just fit.I think that I will exchange soon since it was used 6000 km and the Gap has spread just for a moment.It is under thought whether since I will make it the same Plug next time also since an insulator is at the top of a combustion chamber, or it is generous to a piston head, it will be made BP7HS out of which the insulator skipped and came.Although a daughter tries to ride these days [
], a Clutch cannot be connected well.Although it thinks that there is no fog, may I lower the heat-ization No. 1?Since it is a cheap Plug, I carry out a trial for many things, and think Motai.They are goods reliable without
Manufacturer specification and a Trouble.

In the Iridium plugs, since it excelled in the Cost performance, this was used.
Although it is walking around also with the Plug of a Spare once, it is preeminent also for the start-up nature in a KICK, and there is no Trouble, without wearing until now.
I think that I will continue using from now on also.

Mr. GT80 (75 model GT80) of one's own car -- it purchased as a Stock Parts for business. Since it is two strikes of the

old vehicle, a reserve Plug is a handbook, but since it is farther [ than an Iridium ] cheap, VANVAN exchange can be carried out. Since it is a MODEL to which
R (Register) is not attached, when doing some shopping by Mr. Web!ke whose neighboring article store and the Motorcycle store cannot obtain that it is unexpected, convenience is good for mailing cost adjustment.