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I was able to install it almost as a description, it was for YB125SP but there was a bit of anxiety and ordered with without Camshaft I regretted it, (Purchased at a later date) As Torque rose from 125 to 138, traveling became easier, like a young man I can not run but I'm satisfied but I am going to disassemble a part of Engine, so Gasket and O- Ring should have a new item ready

Currently, I'm impressed by break-in.
What I wanted to improve
1. Although it became better with carburetor exchanges, further improving inefficiency on uphill slope
2. Improvement of DASH force on Off-road
1. Because it is during break-in, it is not sure but the effect was not as expected.
2. The DASH force now seems to kick the ground a little as compared to before.
I expect that it will be a little better when I get used to the Wide opening after break-in.
After exchanging, I ran 500th place, but it is particularly good without a problem (^o^) v