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Delivery was quick as expected. the build quality of the mirrors are excellent with premium grade aluminium. it is easy to set with lock washers for the radial stem. no vibrations during the ride and excellent vision when set properly.

the build quality of this NCY plug cap is awesome i can say of different league than other cap i owned like hcraft silicon, rcb and ktc indonesia plug caps.however its only drawback,and a major drawback actually, is i can't plug it in because its clearance is too much smaller than the spark plug thread side,you can see from the photo i attached that those plugs' thread are worn out/damage. then i manually thinkered with the inside to size up a bit. my effort worked out now i can use it perfectly.

I love these mirrors! Way better than the C3 mirrors I had on my Zuma 125. Great style and functionality. Straight ballet mirrors! It took a little while to get them just right but totally worth the price.

I love these mirrors, it's very legit and lit. It's clean and Fully adjustable to rider needs. It's a complete kit for the bws 125. Black is excellent color for the mirror. We'l do business again in the future. Thanks webike! ✌

OEMMirror of WR250X is easy to see, but because of its height, I made it to this Mirror of low type. Seniority and sight are necessary to get used to. There is unevenness in painting, but the price is cheap

Since the whole Parts including the Joint part is hard and it does not operate unless we put in considerable strength, lubricants etc.. I think it needs to be familiar with. Afterwards, it is heavier than other companies' UniversalMirror compared to what it looks, so it is not good.

High quality product! Country-manufacturer - Taiwan. Made perfect! Very pleased with the design, fit in the frame and glass tinting from sunlight and headlights of vehicles behind! The product is a pleasure to hold in their hands, the body is made entirely of metal is likely made of aluminum alloy. Very well-thought-out system of fixing to the motorcycle mirrors. The screws are made of hardened steel under a polyhedron with 6 pieces. Suitable for most Japanese motorcycles and scooters. Delivery in about a week Russian fast! I decided to buy a spare just in this store and I will recommend it to friends!

Simple beautiful lowered which gives the sportier looks on PCX and the stabilities lessen the vibrations. Comes with two tupes of screws also where could be screwed on