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Aprilia RS125 MY08 Although IW01-31 (an equivalent for NGK No. 10) is usually used for racing chamber specification, only a winter season raises the main jet No. 1, and is using IW01-29 (an equivalent for NGK No. 9).

Also the winter season, the engine's starting became good.

After exchanging, I tried riding and checked the effectiveness, but it works quite well with OEM as well.
Life has hardly run since wearing it, so I put on an ordinary evaluation. OEM is expensive so I think about COSPA and I will use it as a consumable item from now on.

Select METAL. Considering Life and braking power, and because there were not so many alternatives in my car model, I chose Vesra with NameValue.

I'm using this plug on my Yamaha SR400,it does show some improvement on overall performance.The plug buring color seems better compare to the Oem plug.However it's just a plug which doesn't cost a lot,I'm satisfied with this product even though it is just a minor improvement.I think this is good upgrade from Oem plug because it is very simple plug and play process without any notification needed,yet slightly better performance.

Regardless of the weather, I feel that it shows stable performance.

In the case of luxury goods, they are being chamfered, but since this product has not been done, squeal etc etc. Measures are necessary if you are concerned.

We introduced Coil when exchanging for watani.
Plug tip is made extremely thin, expected from the appearance Large (Lol) is.
At the beginning, I was worried that the tip would melt, but it was not a problem at all.
Although I can not feel the effect with the product Single Body, it can be used without problems.

Although I did not feel the performance difference that I can experience with normal Plug, I think that it is Fine tuning with less Risk because it is Aftermarket parts with a sense of security, rather than a bad reconstruction.