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SYM F1 125 EFI


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Order these grips for a Honda CBR1000f as per the listing but they are to short,I should have measured the old grips instead of trusting the listing so please check before you order.Nice grip otherwise.

Motorcycle reacts to Linear to Axel who knows that Pickup and Torque are going up. Becoming Peeky If it says badly Replacing it As the thinness of the fuel in the low and middle speed region became particularly concerned, it was mostly a matter of concern
Unfortunately the startability deteriorates with about 3000 approx. Installation Engine Stall when opening Axel near Idol
EngineStall may be fuel thin as well?

I am using it for MVAGUSTAF 3.

"If you are looking for a reliable STAND, you can buy it and it's no mistake. "

This STAND has only one moment when using Racing Stand, there is no instable moment.
I used to use another company 's STAND before, but the moment when I got instable instantaneously after turning behind that Motorcycle seems to be beaten, so I was not very good.

The usual STAND goes directly behind the human, there is work to step on the foot with GACHAAN.

This STAND can Lift up just by putting Shaft in the hole and lowering the Lever while the human being is at Left Side of Motorcycle.

I think that the price is expensive, but when you try it, "Why did not you buy it sooner?" I think.

People riding in a cantilever, we can recommend themselves with confidence !!

MotoGPTeam "San Carlo Honda" Developed jointly, the strongest Grip!

I am attracted by a scribbling phrase and selling it !!

Because it is an old car, "Simple" so "Things with good earthquake resistance performance" I was looking for

I am satisfied with the comfort of using it as expected.

However, although it is somewhat expensive, I think that it is cost effective.

I firmly recommend Wire lock for installation.

When removing the AGUSTAF - 4 SPRTank, the quick coupling often breaks and the delivery date of the OEM Product is long
The price will cost 14000 yen.
Those who exchanged for Gold Genus Coupling upgraded feeling of security when considering removing the next Tank.
It is the same as Manufacturer of OEM Product, so it is safe for quality but when installing, OEM Product Material : Plastic cracks and breaks
Because there is a high possibility, it is better to purchase Seal Ring for fuel Pump together!
Seal Ring is the same as ducati996 (1660 yen) AGUSTAOEM Product Includes Fuel Hose 16000 Yen Seal Ring
It does not sell by itself.
Also, it is better for Hose Band to be replaced at the same time for security.. Since the Hose Band of OEM Product is easy to come off
At Home center Material : We recommend purchasing and exchanging Stainless Steel's Hose Band.
OEM of Material : Plastic does not need Seal tape, but when attaching this Gold genus Coupling, be sure to have Seal tape
Please wind it, as fuel will leak!

I used Denso's Plug for the first time.
IU 27 A, not IU 27's polarity, is unipolar.
Iridium plugs had never been put in MONSTER
I'm looking forward to it but startup ability and dandruff rise are listed.

I bought it for brembo 4 pod 2 Pin Casting caliper.

I am using it in town riding Main such as commuting.
Compared to the superior Pad of Metallica and Plusμ that I used before, I liked the soft feeling exactly on the city ride.

I do not have a scene yet to apply intense Brake from high Speed ??at once but I feel that I will probably work without problems (Lol)

Metallica and Plus μ may be more powerful in terms of absolute braking power, but if Machine with no ABS, Rider is also an amateur, rather than Vesla may be easier to handle.

【Deciding factor of purchase】
Design, Color and Price

【Actually using】
There is one feeling with Black Handlebar, Simple but not cheap.

【Was the installation difficult?】
I think that it is working time of about 10 minutes.

【Point of installation and hang】
Handlebar diameter (Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because it is different) Confirmation, do not forget to attach glue.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
What was Made in Italy. (Though it was good)

【Have you compared items?】
I was searching for the same price range.

[Others] Packing was solid in the mold of Plastic for the price.