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SUZUKI Sky Wave 400 Ltd.

The long screen with smooth curved shape obtained from the wind tunnel experiment reduces the rider's burden caused by wind pressure during high speed running, wind and rain at cold time with high rectification effect.
It also matches the sharp styling of SkyWave.
Equipped with a link type rear suspension that adopts a large capacity damper, even with a single passenger or two passengers, it demonstrates traveling performance compatible with comfort and sports with a wide range from town to highway.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 399
แรงม้าสูงสุด 31PS / 7,000rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด 3.4 kgf・m / 5,000rpm
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) 227kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 13ลิตร


112 รายการ



[Stock Lever] Brake Master Cylinder Kit [Horizontal Type 14mm / Tank Separate Body Type]
Retro Brake Master Cylinder Kit [Round Integrated Type]
[Short Lever] Brake Master Cylinder Kit [Horizontal Type 1/2-inches/Tank Separate Body Type]
Brake Switch
Blinker Bulb