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It attaches above all and safe.
This No. 1

I used it for the 2008 MODEL of KSR 110, but I could use the Filter, but the O-ring could not be used because the size is Small.

I could not use the O-ring but at this price it was expensive as a result.

From now on, Small things like O-ring will still use OEM.

The attached state is good, but Chatter is too much and I can not see anything Mirror if I try to drive. Unfortunately I gave it. It is a recommendation for those who place importance on the appearance.

I have not tried Plug replacement, etc. until now, it will be a perfect foster age and, on the contrary, I want to do various things by myself Today is around this time. I hope changing it after all. I feel good with a single shot start. My attachment also comes to Motorcycle more. When you do it, whatever you face is white Do not you think?. Correct Brand is the correct answer.

It is a good thing to remove the iron powder generated inside the Engine, so you should purchase and install it and the result will be understood by the next Oil exchange. The apparent Blue Drain bolt will shine and will respond to expectations.

It is exactly the same as OEM Product. Because it burned up light burn it may change due to future burning condition
For the time being I will use this person for a while.

iridium IUF22 most powerfull Worked perfectly for my Generator, Started on the first pull. for kawasaki z125 i buy 2 pcs for 1 years using :D