PGO TIGRA150 - Webike Thailand


Powerful Performance TGRA means a tiger in Latin, equipped with a top class acceleration force and a tough suspension, the run was imagined exactly like a tiger that can run powerfully on the ground and was named. A sharp body design that reduces aerodynamic resistance and a newly developed Vortex Cooling engine are powerful yet demonstrate durability and other unmatched driving performance.

ขนาดเครื่องยนต์ 150
แรงม้าสูงสุด 12.0kw(16.3ps)/8,500rpm
แรงบิดสูงสุด 1.43kg-m/7,000rpm
น้ำหนักรถสุทธิ(รวมอุปกรณ์) - kg
ความจุถังน้ำมัน 6.8ลิตร


74 รายการ



Metal Pad Sintered Brake Pads
BladeS4 Evolution
Resin Brake Pad
Metal Mixture Reinforced Clutch [TIGRA125/150]
Universal Blue Lens Mirror Square